Wednesday, February 29, 2012

25 Ways to Encourage a Mom-to-Be...

I recently read GypsyMama's blog featuring 100 ways to help a new mom. It was filled with tons of ideas and I encourage everyone to read it and then re-read it when a woman in your life is expecting. Many seasoned moms would admit they forget how difficult it can be in the beginning...the whole "momnesia" sets in and the early days of motherhood become very romanticized.

This list inspired me to develop a new spin on this...25 ways to encourage an expectant mother. From my experience, people generally love prenant women. They are overly helpful to pregnant women to ensure they 'take a load off'...but here is a list of ways to provide more than physical support.

1. Tell her she is glowing
2. Don't critique the future name of her baby
3. Organize meals to be delivered by family and friends
4. Make her a mocktail

5. Offer to paint the nursery
6. Invite her for a pedicure
7. Don't remind her life will never be the same
8. Order her an upcoming subscription for a new parents magazine
These are my favorite magazines to read!
9. Stop asking if she plans to breastfeed
10. Offer to help her register for baby gifts
11. Buy her a little maternity-wear something
12. Don't ask if she plans to get an epidural
13. Call to find out how her doctors appointment went
14. Stock her freezer with meals for many weeks postpartum
15. Send her a gift card for ice cream {Hello Coldstone!}
16. Buy a bottle of champagne to pop open in the hospital
17. Bring her a fresh, delicious fruit salad
18. Don't tell her to "sleep while she can"
Me - approximately 21 weeks pregnant

19. Mail her a Mother's Day card, if this occurs during her pregnancy
20. Tell her she barely looks pregnant
21. Send her a non-baby book to read
22. Offer to babysit older children so she may rest
23. Give her a bottle of wine for a random night postpartum
24. Shower her future baby with a baby shower
Me at one of my baby showers with my Grandma
25. Tell her she is never alone and give her permission to call, text, or email anytime, anyday

I hope you can take a cue from this list when a lady in your life is expecting - whether it is her first or her fourth pregnancy! I have been blessed by friends and family that have executed some of these to make the {long} 9, er, 10 months...just a little bit easier!

What other ways would you add to the list or did you experience yourself?

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  1. Love it! I agree with them all, but especially #18. I HATED when people told me that!! I think moms forget all the stuff they have to get done WHILE the baby is, babies don't always sleep for long stretches when you want them to, so by the time you lay down and get relaxed, they are ready to eat again! I will NEVER tell a new mommy to "sleep when she can".