Monday, July 30, 2012


I'm sorry for the lack of posts this month - we've had fun with visitors in town, the job is keeping me busy and we are enjoying summertime fun as a family...unfortunately, not without a little family drama.

Here is a {rare} very frank and honest post. Fair warning: nothing below is sugar coated by this usually forever-optimist...

I've never been one to declare myself a victim in the rollercoaster divorce of my parents. Some people chalk up their shaky mental state, relationship problems, daddy-issues, etc...due to the unraveling of their parent's marriage. Although my parent's marriage was tumultuous my entire lifetime, I don't think I have pulled the "divorce card" on any challenge I have overcome. I also do not think I have ever felt the pain of my parent's divorce...until yesterday.

I've felt many things over the past decade of the dramatic saga surrounding the ending of my parent's marriage - sadness, disappointment, frustrations beyond imagination...but sheer pain was felt yesterday when one parent emotionally hurt me from 1,000+ miles away.

I think this pain was apparent to me and extra deep because it involved my baby girl. You see, my parent's divorce has been anything but civil and has never quite "ended" due to money owed, unending court papers, a lack or morals and values, and basically two adults who act like teenagers. And now, one of Miss L's grandparent's informed me that they would not be attending her 1st birthday party...nor any birthday party in her lifetime, or graduation, 1st communion...basically, anything except a "wedding." For as long as the opposite grandparent is present, they would not be in attendance. I really cannot imagine this because it is too painful for me. Now, this divorce is affecting the next generation.

Ouch! As soon as I heard this via a phone call yesterday, my heart raced and tears flowed heavily down my cheek. I prayed hard last night, that they would have a change of heart and thoroughly listen to the horrible words coming out of their mouth.

This is the same grandparent that I planned the timing of our party around so that they could attend another special function that same day. But of course their decision was intended to "alleviate stress" on J and I. When in reality, it causes a wealth of stress...and pain.

Well, I am thankful this said grandparent had a change of heart and will be attending the big party after all. Unfortunately, this is only after I mentioned a competitive word, "winning." This phrase was the motivation to prompt a change of heart. Sadly, it didn't derive from the principle of missing their granddaughter's birthday...nope...but seeking an upper hand or a competitive edge. How comforting.

I didn't choose the situation God blessed me with, but I certainly try to make the best of it. Wait for's the optimist line: Although all of her grandparent's are a bit handicapped by life's difficult hand dealt to them, at least she is blessed with my 3 siblings who are wonderful aunties and uncle; plenty of 'great-grandparents' alive and full of love and a fabulous great aunt and uncle that just spent the last 5 days spoiling her as if she was their own grandchild.

Her little {well, BIG} smile erases every tear...

Monday, July 16, 2012

Tiny Dancer

It is no secret, Miss L loves music and loves to dance. Below is a video link to her dancing away to her "Pal Violet!" - she was cracking us up tonight!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Grilled Salsa

After J rec'd a nice, shiny new grill for Father's Day 2012, we have been trying to grill more frequently and try some new recipes. Ironically, this morning we were having family time in our bed and watching some HGTV when we watched  $10 Dinners host make fire-roasted salsa.

Fastforward 8 hours, we are grocery shopping together for the week and we decided to make this fire-roasted salsa since we would already be grilling this evening.

Ingredients to grill:
Tomatoes, Serano Peppers, Onion, Shallot & Garlic

Check out this fun on the grill:

Once these veggies were perfectly charred, we put them in the food processor with fresh cilantro, salt, pepper and fresh lime juice.

Yummo! This tasted sooo good, we enjoyed it nice and warm! The leftovers are in the fridge now and I am certain the flavors are marinating and will be delicious on Tuesday - when we have Chicken Fajitas.

Friday, July 13, 2012

TGIF - Free Starbucks, anyone?

You can find me at a Starbucks near my work...sometime between 12 - 3pm today! Hope you can escape for a little Friday fun!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Monday Funday!

Mommy & Me!
We kicked off our work week with the anticipation of a family fun night, complete with takeout and splashing in the fun "Foot Ponds" in a neighboring downtown area. Miss L loved it...she truly is our lil' water bug!

We had so much fun, we are heading back for more this coming Monday!

It truly was a great way to start our work week, as we prepare for daddy traveling for work, followed by a great finish on Friday with Couples Golf Night/Date Night for us!
Daddy's Little Girl

Exploring our lil' hand prints

Monday, July 9, 2012

11 Months of Fun

Yesterday was a big milestone. The "one month until the big birthday" milestone! Sniff, sniff...tear!

Happy 11-month birth day to Miss L! As I prepare to host a party {or two!}, I wanted to take a moment to jot down a quick update!

Just about 10 days ago, she started walking {like overnight!}...and she is now nearly sprinting across our wood floor and has demonstrated she has the footing of a donkey!

She is climbing stairs like a Pro...but now, we are working on teaching her how to get down them properly.

Approximate weight: 18.5 pounds {our best guestimate!}
This is up quite a bit from her 15#7oz just 2 months ago. A growth spurt has arrived in the last month, accompanied by lots of sleeping too!

This has prompted us to pack away most of her 6-month clothes and she generally is wearing 9 months, some 12 months. Size 3 diapers. And Size 2 {barely} shoes.

A fun Saturday evening with Miss C!
We even took a fun bath together following our playtime!

She loves playing with Mr. Cole, spending time in her sensory tunnel that I made her {thank you Pinterest!}, playing with her water table on our patio, and of course our laptops, remote control, cell phones, ipad and anything with a power button. Her favorite past time is dancing!! Anytime any song is played, she is grooving! Fun and Gotye are her current faves!

Her hair is getting super blonde, like her daddy {when he was young} and barely there; which is the reason why she has a headband/bow permanently fastened to her head.
Mr. Cole has learned to sit there and take it!

American Beauty - as the shirt says!