Monday, May 6, 2013

Hello, again!

Nearly 3 weeks has passed since I last logged on here...oh dear! It has been a busy {as usual}, snowy few weeks.

We were heading to Michigan after my last post on April 11th; that was fun...a separate post to follow.

Then the following weekend, after two consecutive weekends of travel...we decided to dig into a {small} bathroom renovation. {Note: we are still using our "guest bath" due to the renovation}

Last weekend, Mother Nature decided to reward us tease us with temperatures on Friday in the 60's, Saturday in the 70's and Sunday in the 80's. It was just a nice taste of summer. Grilling out with friends, runs outside and walks to the park. Unfortunately, it was without some Jeremy woke up Sunday feeling sick.

Jeremy was tied to the couch with a bit of the flu, most of the day. Late in the day, he decided to get up and go to sleep upstairs...and he didn't make it. He felt faint by the time he reached our kitchen and then decided to come back to the Living Room to tell me and instead, he fainted and fell down flat on his face. Fortunately, Miss L was napping at the time because it was really scary for me. I immediately thought he was having a seizure or something. I rolled him on his back and called 911. An ambulance ride to the ER was in order...followed by lots of blood work, x-rays, EKG...and it turns out he was probably just too dehydrated from the flu earlier. Our fabulous neighbors swept in to take care of Miss L, so we did not have to worry about her. By Wednesday, J was feeling more like himself and our home was back to normal.

That meant this past weekend was jam packed, making up for lost time. Lots of "Home Depot runs" and we even hired our neighbor girl to come "play" with Miss L while we worked furiously. It was sooo nice - to feel productive AND to hear the sweet sound of giggles from our lil' girl.

Pictures to come soon...but I just wanted to write to say I am still here! Should be a fun, exciting week ahead...lots to write about soon.

Make it a great week!