Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Celebrating the big 3!

Happy birthday to the beautiful doll that has a personality that sparkles as bright as her pretty blue eyes!

Miss L is currently 37" tall, about 32#, wears size 2T/3T clothes, is potty trained (with the exception of night time) and has a vocabulary for days with superb articulation and well-structured sentences. She amazes her teachers on a daily basis and wows us by the hour! Miss L loves books, puzzles, Little Einsteins, Tangled, Doc McStuffins and Frozen...along with crafts, coloring, play-doh and playing with her dolls and stuffed animals (which she was ample supply of, respectively!).

Despite SPF 50+ all summer, she has bronze skin to complement her sun-kissed very blonde hair.

For her birthday, her main request was to go on a gondola ride (in the mountains). This was to replicate her experience last fall on the gondola in Vail. So...off to the mountains we went!

The snow "field"

Lake Dillon - this scenery never gets old!