Thursday, February 9, 2012

Vacation Entertainment

As Miss L, a nearly 6 month old, was a pure joy to have with us on vacation. So often, people asked us "who is watching her?" (while we left for CA for ten days)...and the natural response was, "She's coming with us!" She had two flights each way- which brings her up to a grand total of eleven (11!) flights thus far...prior to her six month celebration. This is more than many people experience in their adult lives. Babies travel so well, I can honestly say it was EASIEST at two months, EASIER at four months and mildly EASY at six months. She more easily distracted these days...but on the other hand, needs more continuous entertaining. 

I will post again with more photos and details about our trip. For now, I wanted to share this hilarious video of Miss L dancing with her daddy. I don't know what is more funny - her giggles or us adults laughing our butts off! Either way - you are guaranteed to laugh!

1 comment:

  1. I love her giggles... :) & that smile makes me smile so big!! (All while I am in math class :))