Saturday, August 31, 2013

Moving Tales

Phew! We have been in our new home for just over one week. I would say we are all adjusting well, specifically, Mr. Cole and Miss L. Although we are having fun entertaining friends this holiday weekend, there still are plenty of brown boxes haunting us - like the 1 missing kitchen box with some of our cereal bowls and {fairly} new ramekins in it!

I will not miss the "ole apartment"
Even though a company did 95% of the work, we still had to pack/unload our temporary items from the furnished apartment; as well as, unpack the 435 boxes/items from our Minnesota move. I think the 2 days I spent "relo'ing" our temporary apartment, I must have ran the 2-flights of stairs about 25 times! My thighs still ache!

Difficult to pack when this cutie makes her bed
on the storage "ottoman"
Unfortunately, this was our "worst move to-date," as our items had to go from a truck in MN> moved off the truck into crates into a warehouse in CO > moved crates get lifted into new truck > movers unload crates at our new home. Basically, handling items twice as much, which equals more broken items than ever before. :( To make matters worse, the team that moved us in was our least favorite - they were loud, obnoxious, dropping boxes and basically like bulls in a china shop! J even had to call a huddle with them to tell them to SLOW down.

When you move with corporate, the movers place numbered stickers on every item and box. If you are like us, some boxes have multiple stickers {blue from MN, orange from IN and white from MI}. Miss L LOVES "finding stickers" and playing with them.
Lots of "attractive" stickers for Miss L

Below are some photos from our week of fun:

Post-its are essential to configure the new kitchen

Miss L is happy with her toys + lunch, fireside

Our kitchen at 8:30pm

Our kitchen at 11:30pm
Daddy opened one very important box - delicious!!

Welcome gift placed on our porch by our new neighbors

Another new neighbor welcome - what a "sweet" simple welcome gift!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Twas the Night Before Christmas...

It certainly feels like the night before Christmas. The feeling that you can't wait to wake up in the morning, and yet, it is so damn difficult to fall asleep in the first place. In fact, when we wake up in the morning, we will have presents arriving at our home - lots of them! We move into our new home, our dream home, tomorrow morning.

We closed on the home on Tuesday, which was really fun. Even though this is our 4th home purchase, it was the first time we have ever met the sellers. In typical Lorryn-fashion, we all talk for 45 minutes following the closing, exchange business cards and naturally are new friends.

According to the sellers/original owners, the home is wonderful...but the neighborhood is amazing! At closing, they were naming all kinds of neighbors and the ages of their kids, respectively. On average, everyone seems to have a 2 year old...which sounds perfect for us.

We are kind of used to amazing neighborhoods, as we had an awesome one in Indy and a great one in MN. I didn't think it could get better than when we lived in Indy, but from the sounds of the sellers...we may have hit the jackpot! Now...we just need our friends to move to CO!

Tonight we enjoyed a cocktail in our new home as well as stocking the pantry...more fun to come in the following days and in less than 9 hours we will be out of this apartment and officially in our new home, for good.

Thanks to our good Lord.

Monday, August 19, 2013

L^2 Take Michigan...Round 1

Following our visit to Minnesota to meet the movers packing up our home, J left to head back to work in Colorado...meanwhile, us girls took Michigan by storm.

We helped my Dad and Stepmom celebrate the 1-year anniversary of their retail shop opening in Dundee, Michigan.

 Miss L had fun playing with her Godmother and Auntie Jener...

The next evening, Miss L enjoyed going to her Great-Grandpa and Great-Grandma's Farm - she fed the pony, Ginger; and enjoyed blowing out the candles on Grandma's Chocolate-Zucchini Cake.

On Thursday, I even enjoyed a Girls Night Out with my friends and sisters! It was Martini Night at Dolce Vita...just like the olden days!

Friday was a Family Pool Party with Jeremy's grandma, aunt, cousins and their munchkins. It was fun to see Miss L playing with all of them, including little Austin who is just 6 weeks younger than Miss L.

We enjoyed "Celebration Day" on Saturday with my family - as there were/are countless birthdays to celebrate in late-July through early-August, our new home/move, my brother's big engagement and simply - many reasons to celebrate.

The Celebration Day Soiree was hosted by my fabulous Aunt Shelley. She throws the best parties and is always the hostess with the mostess! It was so nice to see all of my family at one time {this is a major struggle every time we visit Michigan}. Also, I was able to see/meet my cousin's little boy, Gage, as he celebrated his 1st birthday with us. I think we were all on a sugar high after this party!

Miss L & Grandpa D
Kisses to Auntie Jener

The following day was a Lazy Sunday. The weather the entire trip, but this day especially, was soo chilly. It truly felt like fall and I thought we should have been watching some football on TV. Us ladies stayed with my Stepdad and spent the day having fun with my sisters. Here we are at the park...we even had to go to Meijer to buy pants for Miss L b/c I didn't pack enough...well, only one pair!

Miss L loved singing Twinkle, Twinkle, while Aunt Nae played the piano.

Higher with Aunt Nae

Aunt Nae made a batch of Pumpkin Bread for her favorite sweet & yummy!

It was fun being home during "fair week." That is, Michigan's Finest Fair - the Monroe County Fair! "The Fair" has a special place in our hearts, as it is the location of where my parents met, where I met Jeremy, where I spent many, many summer growing up and nearly 1/2 of my family has some effort in making it such a fine operation.

On Monday, Miss L loved visiting the animals, playing on the tractors and of course, enjoying some delicious "butterfly chips" ...

"Farmer for a Day" with Auntie Jener

We had our friends over to the Pool on Tuesday. Albeit a little chilly, we had fun in the sun!
Janelle with Tessa {12 months} & Maddie {29 months}, Jessica & Logan {24 months}, Me & Miss L {24 months}

The cutest monkey at the Zoo!
Wednesday was an impromptu visit to the Toledo Zoo with Aunt Melanie {and kids she nannies} and Grandma Lyn. I was soo impressed with the updates to the Zoo. It was both familiar and filled with so many new things - then again, it has probably been a decade since I was there last...and I think it was for more of "adult-drinking-fundraiser soiree" at the Zoo.

Exploring the gardens with Grandma

Aunt Mel

Followed by another visit to the Monroe County Fair with Papa, Nana, Auntie Jener & Aunt Nae...
Riding the Big Ferris Wheel
Wow! We are high!

Carousel Rides

Feeding the goats at the Fair

Thursday was a fun day at Wildwood Metro Park in Toledo with my mom, sisters and stepdad.
Miss L looked lovely in her dress {my mom made for her} in front of the beautiful mansion on the grounds. We grabbed some delicious snacks for a picnic and had a fun day in the park!

Could we look any more opposite?

Sooo Big! Just a week shy of our 2 year birthday!
We finished our last day with visits from all of the grandparents..{at staggered hours, of course!}
We had a fun trip visiting all of Miss L's grandparents, great-grandparents and a plethora of family and friends. I'm in need of photos from J's side, as many of them are on my mother-in-law's camera...and of course, my mom is usually behind the camera on photos from our side.

Round 2 will be later in the fall...when us girls Take Michigan for a wedding + more family fun + mommy goes on a "girls getaway weekend." Stay tuned for Round 2...

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Fun in Minnesota

Miss L and I have been back in the sunshine state for about 2 weeks now, after a 17 day hiatus across the Midwest. We had a ton of fun, along with some bittersweet moments and several "until next time" {read: goodbyes} to our cherished friends in Minnesota. Here are days Minnesota.

Travel Day: Tuesday

We I had our first near-panic attack as we temporarily set Miss L in my car as J and I transferred our luggage from my car to his. As quick as we set her in the back seat, we gently shut the door to get past each other and CLICK. Yep, Miss L had my keys and hit the lock button. In 1.4 seconds, I think about the 100-degree heat and my sweet princess being locked in the car. Thankfully, J kept his cool and we yelled for her to "hit the button" and with a big sigh of relief - she hit the right button and we opened the door! {Lesson Learned}

We had the best travel day at DIA as one of J's staff members drove us to the airport {no lugging luggage on the bus}, followed by curb side check-in {they kindly overlooked my 59 lb baby named Samsonite} and we went flying through security as J has special "employee clearance" with his role at DIA. The cocktails on the plane were a nice cherry on top, that is, until Miss L spilled her daddy's drink all over his lap! {Lesson Learned for Daddy!}

 Day 1: Wednesday

After a GREAT night of sleep in our own bed/crib, we wake up to greet the movers at 8am, they are nice and friendly. The move becomes very "REAL" when the big semi truck is parked in the cul-de-sac. Us girls make impromptu plans with Kelly and her Miss C for the "foot ponds" in Burnsville {perfect for the hot, hot day!} followed by lunch plans with my cousin/Miss C's daycare provider.

Wednesday evening included a dinner out with friends from my former work at the Club.

Day 2: Thursday

Off to a playdate with our friends {few of them we met in our Mom & Baby Class shortly after the babes were born}.

This group gathers twice weekly during the summer to rotate pre-school type fun and learning activities. This play date's theme was "Bunnies." Bunny faces, hats, the Bunny Hop, carrots for snacks and name it! These moms know how to have fun - and we were lucky to join them today.

The fun continued Thursday evening with "Ladies Night" hosted by my friend Kelly. Heather and lil' Miss K joined our fun with amazing martinis, delicious Thai food and great conversation. I am already missing these fine ladies. :(

Below is Miss L and Miss C in the Sandbox.

Day 3: Friday

While Jer was at our home with the movers, Miss L and I had lunch with my coworkers from my former job {Yacht Club} - we had a great time and she did awesome considering we didn't leave the Patio until 3pm!

Sniffle, sniffle moments included:
  • Miss L running into the Dining Room {former toy room} and asking "Where are my toys?"
  • Seeing her nursery empty, aside from the vinyl decal on the wall of the tree, birds & flowers.
  • Watching the semi truck leave the cul-de-sac :(

Day 4: Saturday

Fun at the Park with {yet another} Miss C.

Followed by 2-year photos with our cherished MN photographer, whom has captured our family during these exciting and ever-growing years.

We met our photographer, Danielle, at a beautiful park in Edina, MN...ironically, it is steps from the hospital where Miss L was delivered. The park offered a few lakes {of course, because it is the land of 10,000 lakes!}, rocks, steps, greenery, you name it - lots of photo opps! Photos with a {near} 2-year old is quite challenging, but our photographer manages to always surprise us with the quantity of "good ones!"

Below are a few shots mommy took as we explored the park on our own. We finished our day in Edina with a visit to the Creamery at 50th & France. Miss L loves ice cream, just like her daddy and just like her grandpa L!


Day 5: Sunday

We enjoyed visiting some of our former neighbors, J left to return to Colorado and we finished our day with an "Ice Cream Social" with our favorite neighbor kids and friends. Miss L enjoyed jumping on the trampoline with the big kids.


Day 6: Monday

We had our two-year check-up with our beloved Pediatrician - he says, "she is perfect!"
We had just a little time to kill prior to hopping on our plane, so we grabbed lunch and had a picnic lakeside at the very spot J, me and Miss L picnic'd on about Day 4 when she was a newborn. Then, we stopped at Mall of America {since it is on the way} and Miss L loved watching the fun at Nick Universe.
Enjoying watching the fish from the Dock during our picnic.

A visit to MOA and Starbucks for pumpkin bread {for the babe} and my fave: Pomegranate Refresher

Watching the rides!

Then, we flew MSP > MDW > DTW. This is the biggest "low" of the trip - over exhausted baby + lost misplaced {gate checked} stroller + extended "stay" at MDW = hell for mommy & baby.

It was bittersweet to say goodbye to our friends {and family!} in Minnesota. We are excited to be in Denver...but the memories and people in our Minnesota experience will remain in our hearts forever.