Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Meal Planning Monday...er Tuesday

I wanted to blog about our meals last week when I planned out our week...but I am a little delayed. My goal each week is to try at least one new recipe, as well as make our "usual" rotations, and try to use up random pantry and freezer items.

Last week our meals included three new recipes:

Saturday - Dinner for friends at our home...Chicken Piccata (a new version), with baked asparagus (will blog about these soon!), complete with a heart-shaped fruit pizza for dessert!

Sunday - Mock recipe of Wendy's chili (see previous post) - providing ample leftovers and some freezer meals

Monday - Mini Meatloaf, parsley new pototoes, steamed broccoli (see upcoming Thursday post)

Tuesday - OYO night - "On Your Own" Miss L and I have a standing weekly class every Tuesday evening...so we do our own thing for dinner...except last week was V-day and my dear husband brought home a heart-shaped Papa Murphys pizza, so I didn't have to worry about making anything. How sweet!

Wednesday - Baked Spaghetti - a layered caserole of spaghetti mixture, meat sauce and shredded cheese...sort of like a spaghetti lasagna

Our version of Wendy's chili

Mini Meatloaf

I can't remember past that...

But here is what is on tap for this week:

Monday- Mexican Monday - Chicken Fajitas with a side of black beans (new recipe)
Tuesday - FAT Tuesday - since Tuesdays are usually a OYO night...we are doing a "very light" OYO dinner followed by a big fat dessert together later. We are opting for TGI Friday's Brownie Sundae and Peanut Butter Cup Pie.
Wednesday - Ash Wednesday - Tuna salad sandwiches
Thursday - BLTs
Friday - Fish Fridays - Fish Tacos - still seeking a (new) recipe
Saturday - Company party

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