Friday, July 12, 2013

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday! After the short "holiday week" last week, we were afraid this week would feel extra long. Thankfully, with such an exciting week with the house - it really flew by!
Here are a few pics of silly Miss L from this week...

Both babies are in the box with Miss L cream while dining al fresco and watching the Colorado sun set over the mountains!
Pool time on Thursday. She picked out the swimsuit and of course had to have mommy's wristlet at all times.

After about an hour at the Pool, I said: "Let's get out and go upstairs for lunch."
Miss L: "I want to stay at the Pool"
{ah, she is my daughter!}

This was mommy and daddy's treat - Tres Leche cake....probably my favorite dessert of all time!

Goodnight, Denver

Miss L absolutely loves playing with and reading books  - both the classics and new age prints. The collection started with the many books we were gifted at our baby shower{s}. I also started a tradition on our first family vacation in 2012 to Palm Desert, CA to purchase a new book from every trip - which adds even greater fun to the library.

Recently, Miss L has initiated this quirky obsession with a particular few paperbacks - the Goodnight series.
We have:
  • Goodnight Moon
  • Goodnight Ipad {a hilarious parody written by "Ann Droyd"}
  • Goodnight Minnesota
  • Goodnight Michigan {xmas gift from Grandma Lyn}
  • Goodnight Chicago {from our April trip to Chi-Town}
  • Goodnight Denver {gift from daddy}
Below are some photos of how Miss L travels around our apartment with her beloved Goodnight books...

Jeremy and I burst into laughter when we walked into the Bathroom to this sight!

Miss L loves "stacking" these books next to her on the couch.

Soo happy with her collection {et al}

This is Miss L "running away" {her words, not mine} with her books.

Goodnight, Denver!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A place to call home!

It's official - we are under contract for our new home in CO and could not be more thrilled!

It feels so good to know the mission is accomplished, as well as to have found a home that we love in a neighborhood that seems to fit us like a glove- complete with Parks, Trails and a Pool {and Kiddie Pool}! Even though this is "home offer #2," it feels even better than the home we lost last week. Another testament to "everything happens for a reason."

The front of the home features tudor-style architecture - which I enjoy, but J needed to step inside the double doors to truly appreciate this beauty!

Below are a few sneak peak photos - mind you, it could be a Pottery Barn model home, so I am going to take a plethora of photos during our inspection to try to mock the current admiral and trendy style.

Welcome to the Homestead!
Office to the immediate left - which will inevitably transform into Miss L's play space
Sitting Room on left, followed by Formal Dining Room

Hello, Pretty! I am soo excited for this kitchen!
The all-important "Guest Bedroom" - there is always a room at our Inn

The nicely appointed Ensuite Bathroom for the Guest Bedroom

Nice patio and fenced in yard with the Greenbelt {walking trails, green space} on the other side.
I plan to roast loads of marshmallows for s'mores on the gas fire pit!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

23 months

Wow, just one more month until Miss L turns 2! There is no doubt that her beautiful smile and sparkly personality fills our lives and hearts.

I'm not quite certain on her stats and measurements at 23 months - she seems about the same size the last few months as physical growth has slowed down, but her cognitive skills continue to grow by leaps and bounds!

She is very talkative these days, often holding a conversation back and forth with us; yet, practicing a little "stranger danger" with people on the street.

A couple of common phrases include:
  • Did you hear that noise? {referencing a noise we all heard}
  • Pumpkin bread, pumpkin bread! {usually is exclaimed from the comfort of her car we pass by a Starbucks - I wonder who got her started on THAT!}
  • "How I wonder what you are!" {shouted out loud, and sometimes followed with the remainder of Twinkle, Twinkle - her favorite nursery rhyme.
Miss L counts 1-10, ABC's, identifies most colors and shapes. She {usually} sleeps about 11-12 hours each night and then naps in the early afternoon for 2-3 hours.

Tonight, we enjoyed a quick dinner at the nearby Mall {it happens to have a great outdoor section - "The Vistas" which is like a big play ground for these two...}, followed by a grocery trip to a new Super Target, of course!

Hanging with Daddy at the Mall this beautiful evening!

Her favorite foods include: fresh raspberries, oatmeal, anything-pumpkin, and everything smothered in creamy peanut butter goodness.

We have found a "trick" to getting Miss L to eat lamb from our gyro - we give it to her on a toothpick! Of course, we are careful with this endeavor, but it works like a charm...every time!

Since our move to CO - swimming is our favorite past time...hence, the attempt to wear our swimsuit below...

Only one more month until we have a 2 year old, I'd better stock up on some wine! {tear}

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Colorado Update

After our 14 hours of fun {previous post}, us girls have spent the last 14 days in beautiful Colorado! So far, I think Colorado is the new Florida - full of transplants {hence, no one is "from" Colorado} minus the mass quantities of senior citizens, 300+ days of sunshine per year, and it feels like vacay-land to me! Also, Denver has EVERYTHING as far as restaurants and retailers that has shut-down in other areas we have resided in - It's like the land where everything stays open! This is kind of the cherry-on-top, aside from the mountain views!

The {Temporary} Homestead: J secured a one-bedroom furnished apartment in the popular Greenwood Village, near DTC {code for: Denver Tech Center}. It is a condo-style hotel place with some people using it as a hotel and some people using it as a long-term apartment = a strange dynamic of professionals, families, and leisure travels...BUT it has a Pool and that is a "must" for the Colorado Summer {so I gather}.

The initial days included unpacking our boxes of food, clothes and supplies that we traveled 14 hours with to make this house our home, that is, for a little while.

Daily challenges include the size of this place is maybe 300 sq ft...yep, less than 10% of the size of our previous home which makes everything smaller - less seating space, less room to run for Miss L and Mr. Cole, the bathroom is teeny-tiny, and of course the galley kitchen is less than adequate...basically, I feel like we are "camping" or roughing it! The one bedroom translates to little girl sleeping in her pack-n-play in our room which often involves less-than-great sleep for all 3 of us. She has started a habit of waking at 5:30am, jumping for joy from her pack-n-play, as she can visually see mommy and daddy from her bed. Miss L runs the roost for an hour and then heads back to her sleeping quarters to sleep until 9:30...maybe 10am...which kind of throws off our day. Good thing I'm a "go with the flow mommy" and threw out "schedules" before she was born!

The {Future} Homestead: We have toured about 20 homes, in 4 different areas {suburbs} of Denver, while on a mission to find the right area. With J working at the airport and the airport located in God's country, far, far away from life in Denver; it poses a big challenge to find a home in an area we like, with an acceptable commute.

The next and perhaps inherit challenge is- this is our 4th home purchase {5th "property" including our hi-rise rental}. With every new/next home, it is human nature to want it better, sometimes bigger, but definitely more your style with less sacrifices. Some people don't purchase 4 homes in their lifetime, let alone, 4 homes in 9 years!!

The last challenge and a bit one at that - homes in Colorado are far different than what we are used to in the Midwest. Each geographic area of the Midwest has it's strong suits in house; however, once you head west, things are different. Smaller lots {less to maintain + cost of land}, less green space {to counter high irrigation rates}, fewer vaulted ceilings {more energy efficient} and when you add them up you find tons of beautiful homes that are RIGHT next to their neighbors and offer very little {sometimes NONE} lawn. It is difficult to quickly adjust to the "Colorado way." Full disclosure: there are tons of neighborhood parks, trails, community spaces and of course a million acres of "playground" to go and explore here.

We are feeling really good about one area in particular; just 10-15 minutes away from the best mall in the City, tons of restaurants, the main highway, best school district in the state, 2 miles to a brand new hospital, mountain views from most roadways and walking paths, etc...etc... We find a house that exceeds our anticipated budget, but we drool and we run to our excel spreadsheet to "crunch the numbers" and we decided to put an offer on this beauty {on Friday}, only to find out we were in a match with two other buyers and one in particular that "wanted it at all costs." Sigh...back to square one.

Pit & Peak
Something J and I "borrowed" from the Kardashian family a long time ago was to identify the "pit and peak" or "high and low" of our day/week/vacation/etc. I would say we mostly use this communication tool after vacations, but I think it is handy to ask whenever!

My Pit of the past two weeks have been feelings of guilt as a mom, being frustrated spending every waking minute with Miss L. For nearly the first 10 days, I never left the apartment alone to do anything - sun bathe, grocery shop, get a pedi, etc. I just don't think it is healthy for anyone to spend every waking minute in this situation; everyone needs a re-charge and some personal time. I really felt guilty for feeling so bad about being a stay-at-home-mom. I understand this is what I signed-up for, I understand this is the hardest job in the world, but I kind of really missed getting dressed up and feeling so fulfilled. {insert typical mommy guilt - to work or not to work} I have since communicated this to my partner and have physically escaped the 300 sq ft apartment on a few occasions...even to read by the Pool!

My Peak would have to be this morning. Miss L slept in until 8:30, I made us pumpkin pancakes to share and then while Daddy golfed with some friends, us girls packed up and went to the Farmers Market in our new {hopeful} home town of Parker. It was an awesome Farmers Market and the weather was amazing. We loved strolling the charming downtown village and reading about the historic landmarks on the side streets nestled within the large Victorian homes. It really felt like "home" to me and Miss L loved seeing all of the 4-legged friends strolling the marketplace. Below is snapshot of our fun!