Thursday, March 1, 2012

1 Takeaway From College

Aside from how to develop a marketing plan or which closing technique to use in a sale...I did learn something from my time away at college. You see, friends of mine during college worked at Bed, Bath and Beyond {B^3} in Ann Arbor. Keep in mind...these friends are male and straight as an arrow...but they came away with insider tricks and tips for us girls in our new apartment.

The one tip I use to this day...while using a knife block, insert the serrated knives in upside down so that the sharp/serrated edge is facing the ceiling. See the photos below.

Our knife set, 6 years old and still loving them!
I'm glad we listened to my wise Aunt Shelley and registered for
"really nice knives"

See knife is right-side up
Serrated edge up, keeps them from digging into the wood.

Another thing we do to protect the integrity of the knife set - keep them OUT of the dishwasher. This dulls them, so handwash them, dry them and insert them right-side-up in the wood block.

Happy Knife...Happy Life...well, not exactly, but you get the idea!

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