Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Nearly 60 days have passed since I last posted. I feel like I have been slow to post b/c I changed phones and thus, a lot of my photos are on my old card....AND I cannot figure out how to upload my new phone's photos to Picassa...which is where I used to load them for our blog. I need to work on this, but a lot has happened in 60 days -
  • Miss L and I flew to Michigan for a family wedding, visits with friends all around town and a mommy planned a weekend away with high school girlfriends. We were fortunate to have beautiful fall weather while in Michigan and a plethora of fun with friends and family!
  • We flew back with Auntie Jen or shall I say, Auntie Jen flew back with us, which was a nice reprieve from the usual mommy-toddler flying trips! While Jen was in town - we hiked, we shopped, and we even took a day trip to Breck {Breckenridge} and saw the Continental Divide! We miss her dearly!
  • Next up, was a week to Cabo San Lucas as a family, filled with lots of R&R, and fun-in-the-sun where this little girl quickly turned into a bronzed beauty. We all made family friends with 2-year old Henry and his parents...as they are local to Colorado! {Fast forward 3 weeks and we met up with Henry + mom Kelly at the Trick or Treat Street at the Children's Museum!}
  • Trick or Treating - Miss L REALLY got into this year {more than we thought she would!} and loved saying all of the common phrases and follow it with "next house" and running through the tulle of her "sweet scarecrow" costume {made by her Grandma L} throughout our new neighborhood. Our house ran out of candy...which is a lesson learned for next year!
  • We welcomed November with open hearts as we enjoyed lots of warm, sunny days for playing at our nearby neighborhood park and fun outdoors! I say Colorado is the new sunshine state...move over Florida! It is seriously, blue skies and sunshine nearly every.single.day; underscoring my statement that I could never live in the Pacific Northwest!
  • We hosted our Housewarming Party - which deserves a post on its own!
  • Brother and his beautiful fiancĂ© spent a short and sweet weekend with us to celebrate Brother's birthday!! We hiked, we partied and my liver was certainly aching by the end of the weekend...but it was fun and always sad to see them go! 
  • Currently, I'm in the midst of an intense {lengthy} job interview process that I really wanted... but am a bit mentally exhausted after jumping through so many hoops!

    That brings you up to speed! I will try not to let 60 days pass before I post again!  
A snap of most of my siblings, while in MI
Visiting Breck

Auntie Jen, by our fire
Beautiful faces, Beautiful spaces!

Hola from Cabo San Lucas!