Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Parent Hype or Overpriced Teether {Sophie}

Last year, while visiting friends with an infant, we learned of this special giraffe toy named Sophie. As nieve parents-to-be, all we really gathered was this $20-something squeeky, rubber giraffe was the "it" toy and all of the hip mommas at Gymboree class were running to the nearest store to purchase one, or two!

Fast-forward to December 2011, Miss L turns 4 months and begins teething. We watch as our baby friends enjoy their Sophies and hear all of the raving reviews from their equally hip mommas. So...Miss L's daddy thoughtfully purchased her, her very own Sophie for Christmas...Miss L loves it! Here is what I learned...

Sophie hits on all five senses:

  • Sight: the dark and contrasting spots all over provide visual stimulation
  • Hearing: her squeaker keeps baby amused and helps baby understand the cause and effect
  • Taste: made of 100%  natural rubber and food paint, and has lots of body parts to chew on
  • Touch: perfect for baby's small hands and very soft to touch for baby
  • Smell: the special scent of the natural rubber makes it easy for the baby to identify amid many other toys
This is our go-to teether, the one we carry with us in the diaper bag and the one toy she reaches for amongst the blanket of toys. The funiest thing we experienced was watching Miss L lick the long neck of Sophie from bottom to top. I guess Sophie is a popsicle for babies! It was hilarious.

If you question whether your child will require such an expensive teether...I hope I have saved you the doubt, the confusion and debate...dash to Babies R'Us.

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  1. Such a cutie and glad she loves Sophie! Unfortunately for Us, Ethan could care less about it and it's now Daphs dog you. This child wants to chew on the remote- Typical boy.