Thursday, July 2, 2015

Polar Opposites

"No two children are the same," proclaimed every seasoned parent as they dished out parenting of 2 {or more} advice when they witnessed my baby bump and a toddler in tow last summer. I hate to say it but...boy, were they right!! 

Miss L is a first-born go-getter, driven to have it her way, Leo that savors the spotlight, and with the flip of a switch can go from super sweet to crazy "threenager" in 4.2 seconds flat! "They" were also right that the 3's are far worse than the "terrible 2s," however, I have heard that 4 is much more manageable. I hope and pray come August that we meet the fun 4-year old in a slightly more mature version of the fun 18-month old I remember from yesteryear! 

Sophia the Second knows the obnoxious, my-way-or-the-highway role in the family has already been secured and she is taking the Libra-route of being chill, go-with-the-flow and just happy as a pig in mud on a hot summer day! I so want to freeze this time with S, as now I know how fleeting it is. 

It's incredible how different these girls are from one another {already}, yet, they share the same genes. Definitely puts some ummph into the nature argument. 

Recent visit to MI - riding Gr Grandpa R's pony - "Ginger" 

Recent visit to MI - swinging in the hammock