Saturday, November 10, 2012

Blessing #9...My Grandparents

I feel so fortunate to have grown up directly next to two equally amazing people, my grandparents. Although I am close and appreciate all of my grandparents, there is a certain rapport one builds when they grow up 1/4 mile from their paternal grandparents.

My grandparents were there for me at nearly all of my sporting events growing up, fed me, sewed many pieces of my wardrobe, taught me about farming, about hard work, love, religion and family!

Grandma's house is the Clubhouse and all of the family are members. After an addition put on by my in-laws, the Clubhouse is now large enough to host all most of the family at once! Daily, there is always visitors dropping by to "hang out" and of course Grandma feeds them a meat and potato meal with some banana nut bread on the side and Grandpa invites them to try his homemade Strawberry Wine. This happens naturally as their five grown children live within a 5-mile radius of the Clubhouse. But also b/c they are the type to never turn anyone away, always have their door open and are hospitable. 

Grandpa is practically the mayor of our small town, after driving bus for decades and transporting generation after generation to/from school, sporting events and Cedar Point and Band Camps. Grandma is recently retired, yet still works nearly every day at one neighbor's greenhouse or farm; meanwhile, is a great grandma to a growing family.

After being "away" from home for six years now, I can attest that I miss these two people dearly.
Yesterday they celebrated 55 years of marriage...what a milestone!! I am so proud to call them Grandma and Grandpa!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Happy 15-month Birthday Lil' Girl

Today marks the 15-month milestone...we are just toddler-ing along, month-after-month.

And for my personal records so that I may update Miss L's baby book in the {hopefully} near future, I write the latest updates.

Miss L your smile is contagious and your giggles make me smile!
Current stats {unknown, dr appointment in about 10 days}
You definitely have been "filling out!" Milk does your body good

6 shiny white teeth, working on more
Enjoys grilled cheese, yogurt, granola bars, & milk
Chases after Mr. Cole, Carlos the monkey, & hugs her dolls
Loves to give kisses and high fives
Knows ears, toes, belly & more
Getting uber-cuddly as of late
Sleeping & eating well
Happy as always!

With that said, today I am thankful that I am a parent...but not a single parent. J doesn't travel routinely for work, but when he does {this week} it is a constant reminder of how difficult the job of a single parent is. I have a friend that holds the fort down while her husband travels week in and week out. I have a lot of respect for her. Thankful to be blessed with a great partner and most importantly, the ability to be a mommy!

Blessings #6 &!

Subject Line: Operation Minneapolis for Christmas

That is the subject line between an email exchange of my sisters and I. They are finding the best possible way to find their way 700 miles away to my home to play with their niece and visit us. They have sourced pricing on airlines, trains, buses, driving their own car, etc. A lot of work has been put forth trying to make this happen, and I am sooo thankful! I cannot wait to see them, hug them and spend quality time with them {we definitely do not get enough time together!}.

For the last decade, my brother and I have grown extremely close. In fact, I would call him my best friend, aside from J. And the cherry on top: J and my brother are also best friends, often texting about fantasy football, Detroit Tigers updates, and so on!

We felt really lucky when J's mom made her way out here in September to enable us to get away together {for work...and a little pleasure!}, a much needed and appreciated getaway!

Then, there is my mom who constantly hand-crafts items for Miss L: from "scarfs and shawls to a Halloween outfit" - it is always nice to get a package of made-with-love items.

And then there's my aunt, uncle and younger cousin that flew out to visit us this summer for their vacation!!! Yes, they vacationed in Minnesota. Although beautiful in the summer, I can think of other places to vacation in this beautiful world. They were so determined to see us, visit with Miss L, they spent their hard-earned money and precious vacation time to be with us. Quite a touching thought! And we had a blast!

I'm pretty lucky to have so many grandparents living still, and to have so many caring individuals in my life that I call family! More than just two days worth of blessings, certainly appreciated daily!

My siblings -JJ, JJ's gf Lauren, Lynnae & Jener - I heart them!

Monday, November 5, 2012


The ability to vote. I'm not super political, but I do exercise my opportunity to participate in democracy.

Right now, I have a love/hate relationship with I hate reading the hundreds of posts pushing their political viewpoint.

My take is that I love everyone the same, regardless of their political stop preaching to me. And if you don't vote, you cannot complain about our elected officials. I go to vote first thing in the morning...complete with my sample ballot!

I hope you will do the same!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Blessing...Day 4

Tonight, as I lay my Miss L down to sleep in the beautiful crib and on special bedding that I spent hours trying to find, I am reminded of how special this is. Not everyone has the ability to physically hold their baby, rock them to sleep, bath them or even lay them into their crib. I was thinking of this yesterday at about 5:30am, when she was coughing so much during a period of restless sleep. I went in her room, picked her up from her crib and held her upright for a while as I rocked her in her rocking chair. It was such a bittersweet moment, I wanted her to be free of coughing and back to sleep for both of us...but I loved her cuddles.

For one reason or another, many people are short one of their 5 senses. I feel so fortunate to just have the ability to hold her tiny body, smell her baby-scented hair, see her beautiful smile, touch her baby soft skin and taste her sweet {mostly sloppy} open-mouthed kisses! Our health and hers...I am very thankful for both.
Having fun picking out pumpkins!

Riding the wagon with pumpkins, mums, clay pots and more!

"Mommy says I'm Boo-tiful"

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Blessings Day 2 and 3

Okay, November 2nd came and now we're onto November 3rd and me writing 2 blessings at time...but that's okay, as that is life!

Today, I am thankful for my dear husband and that God blessed us with a little doll. I even said this outloud today as we were browsing a shop in the Cities called, Oh Baby! It is filled to the brim with adorable and over-priced baby everything from bedding to bows. When looking at some of the frilly, sparkly, adorable merchandise for my doll, it makes my eyes sparkle and my face light up. And I look to J and say, "I'm so glad God blessed us with a girl." It is not for everyone and by all means, I hope the next (future) baby is a boy...but I am loving our world with Miss L.

Nearly every day I am reminded how sweet and thoughtful my husband is, not only to me but to our daughter. He is my best friend, true love, partner in crime, motivator, and biggest cheerleader.

Here are a couple of photos from our adventures today, particularly the car seat aisle of Target (not one, but 2...and we didn't come home with a car seat)...

Having fun, playing in the boxes!

Where is Miss L?

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Blessing #1

With a lot of posts of Facebook illustrating a daily thankful post during the month of November, I decided to do a less subtle method here on my blog.

On this 1st day of November, I am thankful to have a job or jobs that I absolutely love. I am blessed to have found a paid job that I love and enjoy (for the first time in about 6 years!), and am VERY thankful for the best job in the world...being a mommy! Or as Miss L says, "mmmommmmma!" Lots of mmms.

Both jobs are challenging in their own right, and yet both jobs feel so natural and enjoyable to me.

Making a "kitty" pumpkin - Oct. 30th

Happy Halloween! October 31st
I must love this job, if they got
me to dress up as a Chicken!
Halloween Party for 550 people at the Club
October 26th