Monday, May 29, 2017 we are 18 months later!

I'm back. Back to blogging...back to feeling more like myself...and {almost} back to being "home" in the Midwest.

Life has changed so much since that last post, December 2015.

Dark Moments 

I discovered and researched and "self-diagnosed" my postpartum depression... over one year past the birth of Sophia... but just weeks after stopping nursing cold-turkey {thanks to an anniversary trip away for 7 nights and her quick attachment to the bottle during this time}. My hormones were completely out of whack, I cried nearly every day and despite the constant Colorado sunshine, I felt so cold, isolated and of course, lonely.  I couldn't be the mother I envisioned {and not the one society paints, but just a normal one} and I couldn't be the friend to others that I formerly was and always felt behind the 8 ball.

I suffered. Often, I would experience my monthly period every few weeks...which brought intense hormone swings, the resurfacing of my lower back problems and more emotional craziness and rage. I brought this up to my doctor in November 2016 at my annual check-up {hoping for some sort of hormonal pill to help} and she toed the line behind medicine indicating a 21 day cycle is "normal."

Well...this wasn't normal for me. So I knew there was more.

Saved by the Gluten {Free}

I read one random article about how a disregarded gluten sensitivity can create such turmoil with our bodies, creating hormonal imbalances {check} and irregular menstruation cycles {check}.  So... I dug deeper and found supporting research which gave me the ammo to stop putting gluten in my mouth...or at least avoid at all cost.

Within the first month...I had a normal 4-week cycle...I physically felt better, less back pain, more energy, my head felt "clearer" and best of all, I had more patience with my littles. This...all within four weeks!

A self-diagnosed gluten sensitivity is no surprise to my mom also deals with this and her brother has celiac disease. 

Avoiding gluten isn't terribly difficult for me - except sweets - that is when my "sweet tooth" gets the best of me! I've always considered myself a salad aficionado... for nearly 20 years. It was a joke at our wedding shower, that J was the cook in our home...and I would make a "mean salad." In fact, during college my roommate used to tease me b/c I ate so healthy and say "why do you eat boring salads all the time?" and kind of peer-pressured me to think I was lame for my diet. But truth be told - salads always made me feel good... and the "junk food" my best friend shared with my husband made me feel like garbage.

When I eat gluten now, I usually feel extremely fatigued {as in...I need a nap, ASAP}...sometimes I feel nausea and headaches, and if I find myself "slipping" a little too much {like last month}...guess what, I got my period in 3 weeks and had horrible lower back problems, again!  

When I think back to my earlier years - I have fallen asleep at Red Wings hockey games, concerts {with seating}, comedian shows, etc. It was just my mode of operation to fall asleep easily, early and often. In hindsight, I had probably consumed a nice pasta dinner with my love, or some delicious bread of some sort... and my body was upset.

It all makes sense now! 

I often wonder if my mom had known about her gluten sensitivity in her earlier years, if my parent's marriage would have been different, if her health path would be changed...but they are doing the best they can in their next chapters. I am just thankful for my personal discovery.

Of all of the changes in the past 18 months... this one is most significant to me.  As I feel back to myself, I find that I miss blogging, it was such a great outlet for me. I blog for myself, so I remember life during these young, but chaotic years. So I am getting back into it... and I hope you will enjoy our future updates! 

Off to enjoy the Colorado sunshine...while we still can!!!