Friday, March 6, 2015

Quality Family Time

Just a few weeks has passed since we hosted a lil' family reunion of the entire L family. It had been 18-months or so since the last time we were all together...perhaps it felt great to be reunited. 
 It was a quick Fri night - Mon night trip for everyone and the weather was anything but normal for Colorado {after all...February went from record-breaking high temperatures to the snowiest February on record!}. Not once did they see the crystal-clear blue skies, abundant and brilliant sunshine nor the full Rocky Mtn. range from our neighborhood; however, with this group - it didn't matter that much.

We played Euchre, watched some Red Wings, went bowling, attended mass, drank beer {on the Coor's tour, of course!} and spent a full-day in the mountains on the slopes at Winter Park Resort. It was a bit of a whirlwind, but it was filled with fun, great food and family time!

At the end of the trip, everyone was itching to ski another day and agreed that this should be an annual trip. We look forward to hosting again!

Miss L playing in her Toy Room with Uncle Joel

Princess S with her Aunt M

Games, games and more games! 

Priceless! It certainly is exhausting being the center of attention...