Monday, July 28, 2014

Platelet Update

Just a couple of days shy of 31 weeks along! I feel like we're in the homestretch. 

The pumpkin moves quite a bit, in comparison to her older sister's womb-days. The uncomfortable times while sitting on a couch or trying to sleep are becoming a daily occurrence. :( 

Platelet Update: 
2/10/14 - first pregnancy blood work panel : 167 (normal but low-normal)
5/19/14 - 109
6/20/14 - 112 (yay! stabilizing!)
7/23/14 - 103 (eek!)

I do have a hematologist appointment in a week or two - which will be the examining arm for moving forward with steroids or other options, in conjunction with my OB. 

Weight gain thus far: 30 pounds...which would put me on track for 40 pounds. :( I gained about 30-35 last time with heavy dosage of prednisone at the end. So, I'm kind of bummed about the weight gain this time around. I definitely have a much more intense sweet tooth during this pregnancy and working at a "restaurant" (so-to-speak) definitely doesn't help the cause. There are always extra food and desserts lingering in the kitchen...which everyone likes to feed a pregnant lady!

I don't really have any photos to post of the bump. Maybe next time!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fun in Florida!

Us girls had the pleasure of tagging along to daddy's work trip to Boca Raton, Florida in early June. It would be the last little "hurrah" before the pumpkin arrives in the fall and a fun getaway - which I am always ready for! As anticipated, we had very little time with daddy - an occasional breakfast, random hour before dinner and a couple of late-night hellos. We still managed to have dinner with some Hertz wives on two occasions and a pool day with one of our friends. 

Dancing at the mall - family date night! 

Such a tough life! 

Yes, we like Pina Coladas!! 

Mommy & Me at Kona Grill

Found a carousel at the park!

She loves the sun, like her momma

"Terrible View from the tower of the beautiful Waldorf Astoria resort," said no one ever! 

We didn't want to leave vacation land, but was sooo happy to arrive back in humidity-free CO! Forgot what "sticky summer weather" was like! haha!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A fairy tale wedding

We all have read about Cinderella and her Prince Charming countless times, but how often do we have the honor of witnessing a fairy tale unfold, in-person? Not very...despite our own "happily ever after," it is very special to watch (from the outside) love grow and bloom between two people you love dearly...and that love each other deeply. 

This was part of the myriad of emotions I experienced during a fabulous and fun wedding weekend in honor of my dear friend and brother and his Cinderella. God blessed us with amazing weather (mid 70's and sunny with blue skies) the entire weekend! 

Here is a snapshot of the fun: 
The cabin my aunt discovered was a 5 bed, superbly decorated and carefully hand-crafted stunner of a home located 170' above the shoreline of Lake Michigan with panoramic views of Lake Leleenau on the opposite side.

It truly was a gorgeous setting for our family to host the rehearsal luncheon. Most guests attending the luncheon toured the cabin and exclaimed how they didn't know how the wedding was going to top this party. 
The patio seemed as if it was made for this party with the perfect area for tables around both sides of the home;
and views of both lakes! 

The groomsman had fun hitting golf balls into Lake Michigan

The party started around noon and lasted well past sunset over Lake Michigan
No one wanted the day to end, but was excited about the festivities to follow!
Pre-ceremony - getting ready with the girls in the Bridal Suite

This picture just melts my heart! Miss L is loved by so many!
Being a flower girl: nailed it and made the crowd laugh with her cuteness! 

I'm having trouble selecting just a few photos, as well as inserting them on here. :) I am disappointed to say that we failed to get a single, professional photo of our family of 3...or technically, 4. The day just flies by and Miss L was a busy bee.

This beautiful wedding was one for the record books - a bit shabby-chic, a bit northern Michigan and plenty of details dreamed of by the bride and executed by the team, she calls family and friends. It was perfectly intimate with around 120 guests - all there to experience the magic and blessings of the weekend. 
Miss L danced the night away - just as she had been planning in the weeks (er, months!) prior!
She likely danced every song until the very end!

This amazing weekend would not have been possible without the fab 4!

Cheers to a lifetime of health and happiness! xoxo