Thursday, November 10, 2011


Although this is my first full year in Minnesota, I quickly learned this sad, sad, math equation... November = Winter.

Today's forecast says we'll be lucky if we hit the 40's and the weatherman used the terms "wind chill" and "snow" in the forecast. Yikes!

Time to put away the flip flops and to bring out the coats from the basement storage. It truly is a sad day in my world. I continue to ask myself why did we have to relocate to the north pole?

Since November=Winter here, I spotted neighbors decorating lights on their trees over their fall break (early-mid October) and THEN, another neighbor flipped on their (professionally decorated) holiday lights earlier this week! WOW! I have never seen Christmas lights so early...but that's what happens when you live at the north pole.

So morale of the story is - we need to get our butts in gear on the exterior holiday decor.

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