Monday, November 14, 2011

Dishing out smiles and hope

Today, we visited the Minnesota Hematology and Oncology office for a routine Vitamin B12 injection and a blood draw to check my platelet count. We sat in the hot, stuffy and crowded waiting room awaiting the first lab work to be done. In the meantime, Miss L woke up from her nap and had to escape her car seat carrier, because afterall, she hates being warm (Jeremy's trait) and being confined (my trait).

So, I hold her on my lap as we play with the toy I brought, as well as quietly performing our "elevator ride" song (I pretend lift her up 3 floors, one at a time and then we go down...she LOVES it!). The entire time she is flashing her gummy-beautiful-smile to the rest of the waiting room - which is filled primarily with both older patients and those clearly battling cancer. They glance at her and smile; they ask questions about how old she is; all the while I imagine this little miracle is making their day just a little pleasant for 10 minutes. Maybe for 10 minutes they forgot about what's on the other side of the waiting room...or maybe they were reminded of their sweet lil' grandchildren and perhaps great, grandchildren.

After I get the CBC done, we return to the waiting room for a few minutes longer, again dishing out more smiles. By this time, the entire waiting room practically knows her name. (Plus, her adorable onesie designed by our dear friend Cori, says "Hello My Name is Lexi")

Then, my name is called for the injection in the lab. Selfishly, this is my favorite part of my day. I carry her in my arms with the car seat in the other arm and the nurses all get so excited to see us again (since last month!). the main nurse offers to hold her during my 90-second (if that) injection. I gladly accept and before I know least seven ladies (nurses, scheduler, etc.) are all surrounding Miss L just making faces at her, smiling, observing her every detail. "She looks like a porcelain doll" "She is so beautiful" "Look how strong her neck is" "Wow, she's so alert!" ...and it goes on and on...well after my injection. I must say, they sure put a smile on my face.

At the library this morning, during "Storytime with Babies," two different moms/grandmas came up and talked with us, both citing how advanced my little 3-month old is - gripping the toys, watching the older kids, trying to stand, and observing the activities - she may be a peanut, but I am certain that she is the advanced kind.

As a child, I was never "into dolls"; as I was more of a Barbie fan. This was a great concern to my great-grandmother, since that generation believed dolls help girls learn how to mother and nurture. Well, I must say, on days like today, I know that I am the best mom to Miss L that I can be...and it is kind of nice having a dolly to call my own!

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