Thursday, November 17, 2011

3 month milestones

We celebrated the 3-month mark last week, which is hard to believe, because I feel like we were just bringing her home from the hospital last week!

Long-distance family and friends comment on "how big she is getting" in photos. In all reality, we think her face has matured, but her body is still "peanut" status. I have no idea what she weighs currently, as I have no idea what I weigh currently and to find out weight of baby, it would require that mommy gets on the scale with and without baby to determine such weight. And that algebra equation is not happening yet! Daddy will have to take care of this sometime.

When we are around other baby friends around her age (mostly 1-2 weeks older), or other babies at the library events, is unanimous we hear comments about her alertness, neck strength and personality. Oh, and how tiny she is...which usually leads to comments about how she looks like a porcelain doll.

Here are some of our recent milestones:
  • Giggled for the first time on Sunday, and then again today
  • Roll over from our belly to our back
  • Last week, we found our toes and love playing with them
  • Babbles up a storm, which is super cute...until it turns into whine, and then cries
  • Loves Baby Einstein dvd about world music
  • Sleeps through the night (most nights) until 5/6/7am. 
And most importantly, smiles like crazy!

Below are some photos of from our recent 3-month photo session, held at our home last weekend...

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