Wednesday, November 16, 2011

House Updates

When we purchased our home in April, it was not without a long laundry list of required projects. Some of them were just necessary for the cleanliness of the home (i.e. new carpet in the entire home and practically refinishing the laundry room due to poor pet hygiene...or rather sad pet parenting)...other projects were a matter of personal style and preferences. Regardless, I think we spent every.single.Saturday at The Home Depot nearby (which we also were frustrated with b/c we already had a Lowe's card and the nearest Lowe's is about 15 miles away!).

Below are two projects that we completed early this spring.

Living Room
  • Removed the built-ins from our living room because our TV wouldn't fit it the slotted area for a TV and they were taking up too much room. However, they were "too nice" to toss, so we relocated them to the office. 
  • Removed the existing tile and mantle/surround and replaced with stone from floor to ceiling and tile floor.
  • Jeremy strategically and meticulously crafted the perfect home theater system with all wires and connections through the walls, down to the basement and up again to our console on the left side of the room.
  • Fresh Paint
  • New Carpet
  • New Curtains

  • Modified and installed the built-ins for optimal storage
  • New Carpet
  • Fresh Paint

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