Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Modern Closet {Light}

Here's to another progressive technology item that my husband has spoiled me with...automatic light switches. For example, when I walk into our walk-in pantry or my walk-in closet in our bedroom...the light automatically comes on, thanks to a fancy little sensor on this lightswitch (see photo below).

The light comes on as soon as I walk-in...which is especially helpful with a load of clothes or pantry items. It automatically powers off after 5 minutes or so without activity.

Now that I am conditioned to just walking in the room and the lights turn on...I often forget to turn the light on when I walk in other the utility room - which always happens when I have my hands full. Maybe I should put a utility room auto light switch on my Christmas list...hmmmm.

If you have a room in your home that you could benefit from this modern technology - send the hubby to Lowe's and call an electrician - like my dad! Or perhaps your own dear husband can tackle it himself, like mine. Highly suggest it for the modern home!

Our pantry

My walk-in

The light switch

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