Monday, November 14, 2011

10 Days 'til Turkey Day!

Wow! Where is time going? My baby girl is already 3 months old and we are now just 10 days shy of celebrating our first Thanksgiving together as a family...well a more complete, real family!

Last Thanksgiving was quite eventful for our family of 2! Jeremy left for work at O'hare around 7am. I flew out of bed shortly after he left to take a home pregnancy test. It didn't take very long for the window to turn to a positive sign and for me to be jumping for joy in the bathroom on the 29th floor of our Chicago high-rise. Then, I had to walk to the grocery store, prepare our appetizers and Thanksgiving feast...all while I was lip-locked, waiting for Jeremy to arrive home from work so I could share the exciting news.

For the past four years, Jeremy has had to work Thanksgiving day and we created this routine of our very own intimate, Thanksgiving celebration. This year, we are happy that Jeremy has the day off and our family of three can celebrate the entire day!

Our tradition has become our favorite holiday - we dress up, enjoy the food that we love, watch football and basically share our thanksgiving together. Time to start planning the menu...this year, we will have to have a little family breakfast included in the plans.

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