Saturday, November 5, 2011

Baby Video Monitor...Must or Lust?

In the sea of baby monitors, we originally registered for the best-reviewed simple monitor on the market, the Sony something or another. We graciously received it as a gift from Jeremy's aunt and cousin at one of our baby showers, however, this all-important electronic remained in the original packaging on a shelf in the nursery room closet for months and months.

About 2 weeks prior to the due date, as we were finishing up the nursery, we were ready to open the said baby monitor we registered for and my dear electronics-guru hubby said, "Are you sure you want to use this monitor? Maybe we should look around for a different one?" This was code for: "This bulky hunk of plastic appears to be straight out of the 80's and I think you were crazy for putting it on the registry to begin with." But a smart husband cannot say those exact words to a pregnant wife in her 3rd trimester. sat on the shelf some more. Then, one day shortly thereafter, I was browsing Pregnancy and Newborn magazine and saw an advertisement for Angelcare's NEW 3-in-1 video baby monitor. This led me to watch the short promo video on their web site...then, I immediately showed it to Jeremy. Our jaws dropped and our eyes sparkled in amazement.

Without hesitation, I really wanted it! It had all of the features I was searching for in my initial research, but never more!

  • A video monitor - preventing me from running to the nursery with every I am able to observe her many sleeping habbits, which is very helpful!
  • Angelcare technology to help prevent SIDS - a sensitive motion-detecting mat is placed beneath the crib mattress and will sound an alarm if it detects the babe stops breathing. (Only one false alarm thus far!)
  • Direct Connect - it's practically a Nextel for our home, being able to talk with one another...comes in handy when my hands are tied as I nurse her and need something (usually a burp cloth!!)
  • Temperature Gauge - we always know the temp in the nursery
  • Timer - this is by far my favorite feature and benefit - you hit a timer to clock how long she has been in the crib...this is a huge sanity saver early on when you think "Did I feed her at 1 or 2? or How long was that last nap?" love, love, love it!
Needless to say...I found a stellar sale on it, had a coupon, had a credit from the former monitor...and still had a pay a small bit...but it is worth every penny!

I say this a "must" for any modern family!

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