Sunday, November 13, 2011

In A Perfect World

Having lived in 4 metropolitan cities, I must say there is something to love about every area. If I could have a semi-perfect world (because a perfect world involves me planning events and Jeremy renting cars on a tropical island), it would include:
  • Indianapolis weather - all four seasons, particulary mild winters, warm springs and amazing falls!
  • Minnesota terrain and topography - beautiful!
  • Chicago's restaurants and retailers - delish!
  • Detroit sports teams - go Tigers and Wings!
  • And most importantly, it would include all of our family...and friends from all of our cities.
As much as I have acclimated pretty well to the Twin Cities, I certainly find something I miss from one of our previous homes...nearly every week. This past week - Bonefish Grill...I rec'd an email for $5 bang, bang shrimp (our favorite appetizer). I immediately Googled where the nearest one was...and my search came up empty. I am sad to read they haven't entered the Mpls market...yet! Maybe in my perfect (er, near) world.

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