Monday, December 19, 2011

Really? Really?

Since the weather has been soo mild lately, we decided to take a little family walk yesterday...and THIS is what we discovered just a short walk way in a neighborhood or two over from ours. "WOW!!" That is all that could come out of my mouth when we turned a corner with the stroller and saw this site.

Now, I used to LOVE purple. It has long been my favorite color; now I'm leaning towards pink these days. Either way - I wouldn't dare paint my house this color! And to make matters even more intense - these people had a purple mail box, purple planter boxes and purple flower baskets.

Who actually thinks this looks nice? Honestly, people! I guess this is why neighborhoods have associations with rules and covenants, so your new neighbor doesn't move-in and dramatically decrease your home value.

So, Sad! Needless to say, we will be taking that route again...just to actually see what this crazy people look like! On a side note- love taking walks here - the smell of wood burning fireplaces - is intoxicating to me!

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