Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

It is hard to believe December is upon us. It truly is a favorite month for our household. It's also time for the annual Christmas display - me enjoying decorating the all-mighty Christmas tree and Jeremy enjoying the great outdoors with his extreme lighting of our landscaped trees. Decorating this year presented more of a challenge than previous years. We had to work our set-up schedule around a little girl; but also, with a new home, we had to find new places for all of our different decorative pieces.

For example, our main nativity set is on our new media console in our living room. Meanwhile, our Willow Tree nativity found a home in our family room on an end table. Outdoors - we have five sconces to decorate with wreaths and Jeremy had to strategically decide which trees he was going to light up and what color exactly.

Turns out- his lighted trees are a big hit, attracting quite a bit more traffic to our cul-de-sac! After the hours he spent outside in the cold, decorating those 3 trees; I'm glad others are able to enjoy his hard work. I am also thankful I have a husband who enjoys the spirit of the season along with me! Merry Christmas! 

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