Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It's so easy {a Grandma can do it}

Everyone knows just how technology-forward my husband is. It is "his thing." We all have "a thing" that we're into. (Although, I'm not sure what my "thing" is, yet.) His interest for the latest and greatest piece of electronics is fueled by a mind wired like an engineer...and by his perfectionism, which ultimately translates into a great quality of life for all 3 of us!

One of the most progressive pieces of technology in our home is our remote control to the various media in our Living Room. At first site, it appears to be a small tablet, approximately 4" square. It is made by Logitech, a brand that he has come to enjoy. The remote features a touch screen and uses macros that he programs to customize the functions, based on our components. (This is slightly Greek to me, but I'm thankful he self-taught himself this stuff)

This remote is often the butt of jokes by his family. I'm not sure why - maybe b/c it looks intimidating at first site, or maybe that they enjoy razzing him. However, when I go to their homes - they often have 3-4 different reomotes. You know the drill - one remote for the TV, one for sound and another for the dvd player or something else - and no one knows how to operate all 3. Well, my husband uses technology to make a posh life for his princess. With the touch of one button- I press "Play Blu Ray" button - it turns all of the settings on the TV, Audio, and PS3 Player to the correct ones and I just have to hit play. Or, if I want to listen to the Holly (Christmas) Station on satellite radio - I touch the "Listen to Sirius" button - then logos appear for my favorite radio stations- Holly, Alt Nation, Coffeehouse, and so on.

In fact, my mom (Miss L's Grandma), has raved about this remote - the ease of use recently when she stayed at our home while we were at work. I'm sure future babysitters will be equally elated by this technology.

Soo...if you are tired of handling numerous remotes to play your child's Baby Einstein dvd, or if you need a last minute gift for the techy in your life...consider one of the few options available by Logitech. Below are a couple of photos of our remote...and yes, my husband put a holiday-themed background photo on the screen. {See previous post about our love for the holidays!}

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