Monday, December 5, 2011

That's a {Baby} Wrap

Baby carriers have been around since the beginning of time...or so it seems. Mother Nature has this amazing way of making moms and babies strongly desire to be together. And way back when...moms were savvy and creative and used a piece of fabric to secure baby to themselves in order to be a caretaker to other children and handle household duties.

Fast-forward to the modern world, now we have specific fabric contraptions sold in baby stores everywhere for this purpose in well as manufactured creations attempting to streamline the baby-carrying process.

Through our registry and gift giving - we have the Baby Bjorn (classic manufactured contraption), Moby Wrap (long piece of fabric), Baby Ka'Tan (another fabric-type with specific fabric pieces) well as a baby sling (which kind of lets mom do the hip-hugging hold while being hands-free). Through trial and error, we have discovered our likes and dislikes for each of the aforementioned products. Our favorite are the Baby Bjorn and the Moby Wrap.

The Baby Bjorn is an awesome, universal baby carrier. In fact, I keep this in my car for a random need - ie. Target run or Tigers baseball game. This is hands-down the easiest, quickest tool.

The Moby Wrap is intimidating at first. Unlike the Bjorn, the Moby offers a real closeness from user to baby, with fabric wrapped carefully to hold baby close. After carefully reading the instruction manual, I'm confident most moms are more confused. Which usually prompts a search on YouTube and finding another mommy offering her hands-on instructions via video. There is one way to wrap the fabric, but multiple positions. We have gone through times of enjoying it; and then a period of so-so, and now to absolutely loving it. Our most recent new favorite is the position allowing Miss L to face outwards seeing everything that I see. She has always been extremely alert and observant and this position feeds her need to see! Plus, I try to talk to her frequently explaining every little move we are making. We count as we go up and down the stairs, I describe the green, avocados we are placing in the fridge, etc. I truly enjoy this close opportunity to develop her language, and of course her knowledge for her surroundings.

Below is a photo of us in the mirror a couple of weeks ago - she just loves hanging out with mommy in this fashion.

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