Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Holiday Cookie Exchange

This weekend, Miss L and I hosted a holiday cookie exchange for some of the neighborhood ladies. I must prep now takes twice as long with Miss L. And I also must admit that parties at our home could never be made possible without the help of my partner-in-crime, Jeremy.

We sent out an evite 3 weeks in advance and planned for the lil' soiree on a Saturday morning in December.
Everyone brought 4 dozen cookies or sweet treats to share. With about 15 ladies bringing delicious baked goods, I knew this was going to be good! So, I provided foil lasagna pans for everyone to fill as they circled the table - starting with taking 3 treats on round 1, followed by 2 treats on round 2...and so on, until we had a platter of assorted cookies. See photo below...

A couple of party-planning notes, I am thankful I remembered to turn down the thermostat a couple of hours prior to the party. When you have a group of people together, the body heat warms the house...just fine! (Plus, I wanted to have the fireplace on!) Also, be sure to have index cards available for guests to write their recipe on, if they forgot recipe cards to share; as well as some sort of place card/marker to identify who and what the treat is!

A cookie exchanges or swap is a great way to enjoy a variety of cookies in your home during the holidays...but it is an even better way to share in the spirit of the season with friends - new and old! I highly suggest hosting one in your neighborhood.

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