Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy 4-Month Birthday!

We celebrated 4 months of life with Miss L last week. Every month gets more and more fun with fact, every day is something new. She is giggling, rolling over in every direction and just a joy to be around.

On Tuesday of last week, Miss L had her traditional pediactric visit. Since the doc we had been seeing is on maternity leave, I made this appointment with one of the docs that checked her out in the hospital, Dr. Coch.

We very much enjoyed his visit while in the hospital; and this appointment solidified that we will be seeing him from here on out. As a doc at large ped. practice (25+ docs), he made us feel like his only patient...which was very comforting.

Doc is very pleased with the health of Miss L and all is well. Her stats are as follows:
  • 11#, 2oz - 10th percentile
  • 23 3/4" long - 25th percentile
  • I forget her head measurement - also 25th percentile
Plus, we got 4 shots and the oral dose of the rotovirus. She did great- only a short period of "petite" screaming immediately after the shot...afterall, that is to be expected.

Helpful hints for other new parents:
  • Bring Children's Tylenol with you and dispense at appointment while waiting for doc (as a proactive measure)
  • Bring a bottle or prepared to nurse following the appointment, just in case; can be very comforting to little one
  • Be observant of any post-shot fever -a temp higher than 101.5 degrees F for babies 3m and older

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