Thursday, May 31, 2012

Champagne Tears

Today, my heart feels a little broken. Truth be told...a lot broken.

You see, last Tuesday evening, Jeremy came home from work early - he cuddled Miss L as he always does and told me he had a present for me on the countertop. I look...and it's a bottle of champagne.

Champagne? This means one of two things in our home...either this momma is having mimosas...or daddy got a job offer. This time, it was the latter. Everytime we have moved {3 times thus far}, Jeremy has brought home a bottle of bubbly to celebrate the promotion, the move and the excitement! We jumped for joy with lots of excitement, last Tuesday.

Then, the tough part came...negotiations. We didn't open want to open the champagne, until it was all set. Jeremy had a job offer at a larger location in a city within driving distance to dear friends and family. Unfortunately, the pay wasn't what he/we were expecting...based on this said city's demands, increased stress levels and overall work load. So...we walked away.

We agreed going in that we were willing to walk away; that we do enjoy life here and that this particular city wasn't worth it at X price.

Fast forward to this Tuesday morning...Jeremy called me with the news that the position was given to someone else {a dear friend of his...whom,we are very happy for}. A wealth of emotions just flooded our hearts.

My heart breaks for my husband, and for all of us. Tears come and go as I think about what we passed up.
Doubt about whether we made the right decision. Disappointment that the company couldn't work with him. Frustration, that I turned down a really great job opportunity because we thought we were moving. Fear about his future career path. Overall sadness. ETC.

This process has taught us that we have a strong desire to reside closer than 12 hours to family...and yet, has opened our eyes to how enjoyable it is to call the Twin Cities home. {Contradicting statements, I know!} This truly is a beautiful, very family-friendly, place to live. Especially, now that it is summer...and it feels like we are living "up north" Michigan...but with the modern conveniences of a big city. God has certainly blessed us with a home we love and with new friends that are very special to us.

At the end of the day, I am proud of us for standing our ground, and I am proud of my husband being offered this position at his age. Every experience in life is a learning lesson. I am firm believer in "everything happens for a reason." We may not know what is in store for us next...with his company or even a different comapny, here in MN or somewhere else. For now, I know it is best to put the bottle of bubbly in the spare fridge in the garage...until it is time to celebrate, once again. 

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