Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy May Day

Happy May Day!

Does anyone else know what this means? If you are reading this outside of the great state of Minnesota...you probably are wondering if I am referring to the distress call by sailors {afterall, we have a lot of lakes here!}...or perhaps if you are in Indy, you are trying to recall what "May" race-themed festivity you are missing today. Rest assured, it is all fun and games...it is an ancient Northern hemisphere tradition, celebrating "Spring" and "Fertility" and often includes parties, bonfires, parades, food and hoopla.

Apparently, May 1st...aka May Day, is a known tradition in this neck of the woods. As tradition would have it, people celebrate by leaving a "May basket" filled with flowers and treats at the doorstep of a friend...or even a love interest, ring the doorbell and run away. If you really like the person you are "dinging," you might slowly run away in an effort to get caught by the basket recipient, and they would give you a kiss.

I learned this during my morning commute today, as the radio hosts debated just how global this spring tradition was - ask any Minnesotan and they will promptly tell you what a May basket is.

Ask my husband, who received a ding, dash, and a May basket this evening...and he was clueless. LOL! I came home to a beautifully decorated hand-made basket sitting on our countertop. I said, "Oh, did we get a May Basket?" And once I explained what the definition {per the radio personalities this morning}...he said, "that explains why when the kids were running away once we answered the door!"

Our lovely neighbor kids stuffed their hand-made basket with paper flowers and some candy treats with a "Happy May Day" sign. It was soo sweet and a fun little memory. I hope to carry on these unique and albeit, quirky traditions when Miss L is older.

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