Monday, May 21, 2012

Best $10 Purchase

A couple of months back, we started to increase the number of miles logged during our family walk/jogs. The need for a "jogging stroller" quickly became inevitable.

I scoured Craigslist, as any thrifty stay at home mom would, and found one {of course, without a photo} for $10!!

I sent daddy to the unknown location one day after work. I told him, "who cares what it looks like, it's $10!!!" {If I could BOLD numeric numbers, I would BOLD the $10 now}. and he came home with this...

Well, it's not the prettiest, newest jogging stroller on the block...but it certainly does the job {after airing up the tire every-other-run}. Next on my list to find is an umbrella for this baby jogger, hmmm.

The hooded {monkey} blanket was a shower gift from my longtime, childhood friend, Heidi. I would highly suggest it for keeping a blanket on a high-speed runs {just kidding}.  

Thanks to our daily 3.5 mile family walk/jog, daddy is down 30# and mommy around 10# or so.

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