Sunday, May 20, 2012

Happy Vacation {Mother's} Day!

The bar was set high...REALLY high...but it is his own fault. That's what Jeremy does best.

My first Mother's Day was a grandslam. It was not without numerous diaper changes, feedings and lots of baby spit-up...but it sure did feel like a day on vacation.

After some family time in bed on Sunday morning, Jeremy popped his "pre-made" Baked Caramel Banana French Toast {casserole} in the oven. A recipe that I not-so-subtly cut out of a magazine and left out for him, as a hint.

We cheered on our beloved Tigers together...
Miss L in her new Tigers outfit from one of her grandmas

My body's gift to me was reaching my goal weight! The pre-pregnancy weight minus 8 pounds. Yay!!

Miss L's gift to me was an extra long morning nap to permit an intimate breakfast on our patio, followed by more time reading on the patio! Mother Nature rewarded me with absolutely gorgeous weather - I was in shorts and a tank during breakfast on the patio...and I was getting warm! Also, she has inherited her daddy's amazing ability to hand select the most.perfect.card for every occassion...

Jeremy followed the deliciously perfect breakfast with a beautiful Nordstrom box...filled with one amazingly hot swimsuit. A fun Betsy Johnson swimsuit, that makes me feel like a sexy momma...yet hides my stretch-mark-laden belly.

I received countless Facebook messages from friends and family with well wishes, but the best were some well thought out cards and text messages from my siblings and parents.

The house was already spotless, our schedule was empty and we sat, wondering what we should do next. So, I strolled around the trails with Miss L, while Jeremy hit the driving range; prior to hosting our friends B + N + their lil' Miss C over for dinner.

With the weather being so summer-esque, we decided to make pizza pies in our pie makers {aka "Tonka Toasters" for those here in the upper Midwest} over our firepit on the patio. These were followed by campfire apple pie ala mode...delicious. I wish I would've snapped a photo...but time and hands to snap a photo are limited when combining fire + dinner, and including two infants.

The night ended with an intimate fire with my baby.

I truly felt loved, blessed and appreciated today. Being a mom is rewarding everyday, but my husband did a wonderful job at making my first Mother's Day extra special. I can only hope all of the nine moms/grandmothers in my life felt as much enjoyment as I did, this Mother's Day.

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