Saturday, May 19, 2012

Home is Wherever I am with You!

Having moved from MI to Indianapolis to Downtown Chicago to the Twin Cities and {quite possibly} another move in the near future, I've learned one thing, er, well, two!

1) Adaptability is a VERY great trait to exhibit
2) Home is wherever I'm with Jeremy
Jeremy and I left Michigan in 2006 as young newlyweds, bursting with excitement and willing to see where the wind took us on this adventure, we call life. Never in a million years, did I foresee us living in the "North Pole," aka Twin Cities...nor renting a high-rise on the Chicago River.

We've learned to adapt well, get along with others, lean on each other {after all, we cannot just call a brother to help move a large object} and grow together as friends, partners and now, a family!

Just as I was pinning decor ideas for some wall art, based on the theme, "Home is Wherever I am with You," we were blindsighted with a potential move. A decision to be unknown for the following 3, 4 or even 6 weeks to come!

A pending move has created a wealth of stress for the both of us - requiring me to halt finding full-time daycare, retract an attractive job offer, develop a lengthy to-do list of action items to potentially sell our current house, converse about the logistics of family life during the big "transition" and excitedly look at the next chapter of life in a different city {closer to friends & family, some of our favorite restaurants & retailers, and career opportunities}.

Through this process, I've learned how much I really do love it here - how beautiful it is, just how blessed we are with great friends here, how much we LOVE our home, and how superb the quality of life is. Part of me wishes to stay...but a larger part of me would like to be a tad closer to my family - my brother in Columbus, a sister in Cincinnati, and a sister and parents in Michigan.

Life in Limbo is the name of the game - pausing home projects and preparing for a move is nothing new to us. For now, I take pleasure in knowing I'm home today and everday with my best friend and lil' doll. 

Recent 9-month the Stone Arch Bridge in credit: Pictures and Pretties Photography

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