Friday, May 4, 2012

Happiest Baby on the Block

It's Friday night, and I'm blogging while watching the Tigers rally tonight! I have so much to write about, so much excitement going on in our world, and yet, I'm going to do the "5-minute Friday" and ramble-write for just 5 minutes. This way, I can still keep an eye on my Tigers!

J and I have been saying this for months, but we continue to repeat it daily as of late...we are sooo lucky! We both feel so blessed to have this adorable, beautiful, smart, little pumpkin in our world. Honestly, she is SUCH a good baby. I'd like to think it is our parenting style, because afterall...she is a Leo personality and wasn't always so "patient" or "happy." Only time will tell. :)

The best compliment we/she has received came from her great-grandfather, last month, while we visited family in Michigan. Grandpa said,"We've had a lot of babies come through here...and she's the happiest baby I've ever seen!" This is true...he has seen his share of babies in his day. And I agree 100%...we do have the Happiest Baby on the Block! Here is a special pic of Miss L & her great-grandpa...
I'm thankful that I didn't drive myself crazy with reading book, after book, during my pregnancy regarding child-rearing. At the end of the day...I am a firm believer that my instincts, family values, and natural skills have molded my daughter into who she is today...and who she will be tomorrow.

We try to incorporate impromptu fun into her world, daily. This evening, when a slow rain was trickling from the clouds...I suggested that J take her out to experience the rain, for the fun of it! And later tonight, we randomly played our favorite song {right now}, "Some Nights" by Fun; and we danced around the living room. Yep, it may sound dorky or cliche...but it made for the best baby giggles and some really deep belly laughs by J and me.

We will see if baby #2 is just as happy as Miss L...but rest assured, that won't happen for a we are too busy having fun with our lil' doll!

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