Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Party in Heaven

Tonight, there is a very large party going on...in Heaven! Pa would be turning 55, if still with us on Earth. Instead, I am certain he is in Heaven, having beers with his friends, father-in-law and "Uncle Paul" {my great-grandpa}, playing Euchre and listening to the two kinds of music that exist in his world- country...and western.

In some ways, he is the lucky one. He gets to enter the pearly gates to God's eternal paradise, he is now free of cancer and he gets to be forever young...after passing at the age of 51 years young.

In other ways, I am the lucky one.
I had the pleasure of spending 12 years with him as a second father to me. He made me {and everyone} feel a part of his family, the moment I walked into his home. Most days, I was closer to him than my own father; and most days, he was closer to me than to his only daughter. We had a special connection. Of course, everyone that met him might say the same thing. But, what really makes me feel lucky is that I get to live side-by-side with a miniature version of him.

There is a part of Pa in each of his five children. Most family members would agree that brother Joel has Pa's maneurisms. Joel inherited his funny dance moves, maintains his crazy antics and illustrates Pa's compassion and willingless to help anyone, anytime.

However, I get to experience Pa everyday, as I witness my husband exude Pa's intelligence and wisdom, family values and strength. Pa was the rock of his family {of his siblings} and the glue that kept everyone calm, and level headed. Jeremy follows in these footsteps everyday, always acting in a strategic, thoughtful, and opportunistic manner. He works hard to provide for his family, {tries} to be a role model for his four siblings, keeps everyone grounded; meanwhile, being supportive and sympathetic, along the way. I see a "Pa-ism" nearly everyday.

Jeremy also learned how to treat your bride and reminds me of his Pa, as he sweeps me off my feet and treats me like a Princess, daily.

And Miss L doesn't quite know it yet; but she is the luckiest one. Her daddy is replica of his Pa, and that, I will be forever grateful for.

Tonight, I raise a glass to this party in Heaven. I know that he is up there, watching over us and guiding us in the right direction.

Our last family photo - March 2008


  1. Miss L is lucky to have such an amazing grandpa like him! I sure do miss seeing his smile & hearing his stories. But he is watching down on his granddaughter everyday & keeping her smiling (just like him) :) I love you Rynnie & am so glad you brought such a wonderful man into our lives, too!

  2. I raised my glass of wine last night as I thought of Mark. It was almost as the clouds were allowing my toast to arise to Heaven. Can you imagine the party?? Playing euchre or perhaps some shoes with Ed & Papa. Eleanor and Grandma are busy in the kitchen preparing Mark's favorites. Oh what a party!

    I miss his "Hey Young Lady" and wonderful smile. No matter what Mark was doing he enjoyed it to the fullest. Every flat tire I see I always remember Mark saying to Joel "it's only flat on one side" and I smile. I'm also thankful Jeremy has so many of his dad's traits.

    Happy Birthday Mark, till we meet again in Heaven!