Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Whoever said the "Days may be long..."

I've heard it time and time again, 'the Days may be long, but the years are short.' I feel fortunate to say that the 'long days' are behind me {for the most part}. I can't recall a day with Miss L that felt 'long.'

We manage to pack a TON in one eventful, fun-filled day in our world. Filling the monthly calendar has always been my M.O., so I'm sure this comes as no surprise.

Today, was no exception...

We started our day with a visit to our local mall...the Mall of America. Here, we shopped til we dropped as this momma needs new work clothes {A successful day with great deals at H&M, Old Navy, Express, Famous Footwear & the opening day of VS Semi-Annual Sale!}. We had an impromptu lunch with daddy {since he works so close to the MOA} AND we squeeled with excitement as we met Blue!

After some time at home, napping, cleaning and momma working...we met up with our friend and neighbor, Miss Rylee and her mommy, for fun in the sun at a lakeside park. Miss L loved having her little toe toes dipped in the warm, clear water.

Fastforward just a little bit more...and us girls strolled to a nearby park to meet up for a weekly play date with our friends from our ECFE class. Daddy jogged over to the park to meet up with us, in time for a family walk home.

Phew! Daddy is asleep on the couch, Miss L is sleeping like an angel in her crib...and now, it is time to go sort through my new purchases! :)  

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  1. work clothes...does this mean there is a job starting?! We need to catch up! :)