Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Lifestyle Change

Tomorrow is the last day at my part-time gig {Mkt & Comm Director for a local yacht/country club} ,as I prep for the start of my new full-time position {Mkt & Membership Director at a local country club}.

The beginning of any job is accompanied by a myriad of emotions, but these days, the emotions are amplified. Leaving Miss L full-time is a BIG deal. And learning to manage home/work life balance is a BIGGER deal...than pre-baby times.

Unfortunately, our current daycare provider cannot help us full-time, so I begin to scurry to find a {new} full-time daycare. This is the biggest challenge any parent must face. Finding a place to leave your child that feels as close to home as possible. In the meantime, I have hired a high school student to help out in our home with Miss L...and I couldn't be more delighted with our hired nanny. I am soo excited and Miss L really warmed up to her quickly. They are going to have lots of fun together, I am certain!

I feel confident about the next chapter of my career and am genuinely interested in experiencing the "otherside of the coin" - the full-time working mom side.
Everyone in society has an opinion about whether moms should work {in/outside of the home} and in what capacity. I'm interested to see what it really is like. Perhaps I will learn to appreciate my time with Miss L better, maybe I will enjoy the routine and structure, and possibly will consider myself a "better mom," like I have heard from the mouth of many friends. Or I may hate it, be miserable and in need of a different solution. I continue to tell myself that "nothing is permanent." Something can always change. All-in-all, I look forward to being educated about what is the best method for my family for the years to come. Only time will tell. I intend to blog about our ups and downs of adjusting to our new lifestyle.

For now, us girls are soaking up the sunshine, the playdates and enjoying life. Today, we met a friend for breakfast at Panera Bread. Miss L LOVED sharing a pumpkin muffin with mommy! {Even though quite a few crumbles landed on the floor...sorry, Panera!}

Followed by some garage sales...of course, a girl can never have enough swimsuits and we needed a "boggie board" for the water!

Next up, a stroller walk and time at the park with our neighbor friend Miss Rylee and her mommy...and later tonight - a daycare interview. Wish us luck!

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