Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Feeling like Supermom

I am amazed at how naturally I have been settling into the full-time working mom life. It's been just over one week and I cannot even begin to describe the excitement, fulfillment and pure joy that I am experiencing.

As my dear friend C has noted, "prayers have been answered." I agree 100%. After the highs and lows we experienced with {almost} moving last month, it is comforting to experience a great start of something that feels very natural.

I know Miss L is in great hands with her nanny, Miss E {they went to the Zoo today and Miss L LOVED it!}; and I love my new job. Together, that makes for a happy-working-momma. However, I am still endlessly searching our neck of the Cities for full-time daycare.

The daycare search has proven to be the most challenging part of this equation. Homecare versus Center, and then if a home, finding one that is open past 5pm...AND with an infant opening. I have been on four interviews; three homes of which I would not permit Mr. Cole {our cat} to stay the day. The search saga continues...

Our daily routine is being molded well. It is nice to accompany Jeremy in the mornings as we get ready and many days enjoy breakfast together. I have ceased daytime breast feeding/pumping; instead, just focusing on a feeding every morning and evening. And for my housekeeping sanity, I strive to complete these three housekeeping items daily:
  • A clean/empty sink when I go to bed
  • Miss L's toys in her toy box {basket}
  • Make the bed prior to leaving for work
Most nights are busy with dinner, a family jog, and bath/showers. On off nights, I am trying to accomplish a large housekeeping task {like laundry}. And every night involves setting out outfits, ensuring the diaper caddy is full, and meals are arranged for tomorrow. Tonight, I felt like supermom or superwoman, rather! I cleaned the 1/2 bath, washed the hardwood floors in 1/2 of the first floor {the dining room and sitting room don't get that dirty, right!?} well as prepared a healthy salad for dinner, additional cleaning of Miss L's dishware {which is really bottles and spoons!}.

The sink is clean, bottles are ready for tomorrow and now is time for some R&R while daddy is away...a vodka lemonade, my favorite coffeehouse Satellite radio station playing and my laptop. Now, I am ready to rest my eyes and do it all over again tomorrow!

This is the view from my new place of employment,
in a sales and marketing position.
We offered members this spectacular rooftop dining experience...
note the river, the skyline, sunset...and it was 80 & beautiful {last Thursday}

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  1. You really ARE super mom :-) So glad that life is calming down and getting in a routine. That daycare hunt....wish I had some insight but I know you've looked everywhere!