Sunday, June 17, 2012

A {very} Happy Father's Day

It's funny how "they" say that Mother's Day celebrations last all week {eh, hem, month} for some...but for the's "here's your card," followed by 2 minutes of lovey-dovey-ness and then we're off to the next subject, party or activity. I was determined to make today's fun last more than 2 minutes.
Family photo taken last night at a baptismal party

After J set the bar REALLY high for Mother's Day celebrations {D'oh!}, I wanted to reciprocate...after all, he is an amazing daddy to Miss L and all of the hoopla is well-deserved, and earned.

We love playing with daddy!

Miss L made the day special with her crazy, fun, baby
antics! She was a wild child, constantly giggling tonight!

We started the day with breakfast to one of our favorite lil' restaurants...Miss L enjoyed bits of both of our meals with some French toast from my plate and some pancake from daddy's. I love that she can eat so much food from our plates...and I think she loves it, too! J enjoyed his Chipotle Eggs Benedict {EB is his favorite bkfst dish!}.

Then, J went to work for a few hours. Miss L napped...literally 3 hours!! I worked on her baby book some, made a couple of phone calls to two important dads in my life and made pizza dough...

...for our dinner of GRILLING pizza dough on J's NEW grill {Father's Day gift}. J made a buffalo chicken pizza and mine was dressed with lots of veggies, especially roasted red peppers. The verdict: pizzas were good, but the dough may need some help. {Always "continuously improving", er, or perfecting, in our home!} Regardless, we had fun!

J's buffalo chicken pizza...doesn't it look like a restaurant?
Fakeout Takeout, Baby!

Miss L did make her daddy this "sweet" Father's Day present of a faux mushroom filled with m&m's and a tag on it that states: "Daddy, You're a fungi!" He loved it!

He also enjoyed the golf scorecard keeper and the book, Goodnight Ipad, which is the perfect parody for this tech-oriented daddy!

Happy Father's Day to my dear husband, who is an amazing daddy to our baby girl. There is no one else I'd want to share this adventure with! Also, to my dad, my stepdad, my Pa in heaven, my wonderful Godfather/Uncle and my two Grandpas...I am blessed to have such great men in my life.

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  1. Happy Father's Day Jeremy. You are a great father and a wonderful son in law. Love you, Mom