Thursday, October 13, 2011

In Love with Fall

I heart fall! This is no secret to my nearest friends and family. I cannot remember where my love affair originates from. It could be the fact that October is my birthday month (yes, an entire month of fun!) and the fact that I was practically raised on a football field...or that my mom loves Halloween and my memories of my parent's fall parties.

Regardless, this is by far, the best time of the year to me. The beginning of football season, sweater weather, bonfires, pumpkin-everything, and crisp-cool air.

For my birthday this year, my dear husband took a (er well-deserved) day off of work to celebrate a day together as a family. We slept in, grabbed breakfast from Panera and then took a scenic fall-colored, road trip to a nearby apple orchard and vineyard. Although Miss L is too young to appreciate the hayrides, corn maze or lil' tractor races...she still was a part of our fun...and we enjoyed envisioning the future fun times to the orchard.

We enjoyed a delicious lunch of apple brats and apple cider...followed by a delicious wine tasting. Le Crescent was my favorite.

Our day concluded with time spent lying on a blanket near the beautiful St. Croix River looking up at the sun-filled sky. Soaking in a day of just the 3 of us...and yet excited for many memories like this to come!

(Photos to come...when we are back to having fast internet again!)

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