Sunday, October 30, 2011

Playmat Envy

When registering for baby is downright overwhelming. The aisles of BRU (babies r'us) are endless and even after reading Baby 411 Baby Registering, I still felt clueless. Well, I am quickly learning that I made the right decision on a few key items, specifically, the activity playmat.

This weekend we hosted our new baby friends and moms from our (mom and baby) class for a fun, lil' Halloween-themed get together. (photos to follow in another post) I left out a few toys for all to use with their lil' ones...such as the bumbo seat and the activity playmat. I really had no idea how "good" this play mat was until other new moms say how envious they are. Ours is the Fisher Price Deluxe Mobile Musical Gym (sold at Target). It has a rotating mobile, music and LIGHTS!! Miss L loves the did the other lil' babes joining her on the mat.

In fact, one new mom went to Target and purchased it that afternoon!! Anyone in the market should seriously consider this one below.

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