Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkin Fingers

We carved our pumpkins tonight. Jeremy, meticulous as ever, from the thoughtful design to the flawless execution...this probably does not come as a surprise to anyone! Me, the ultimate multi-tasker trying to handle Miss L while finishing some details on my first pumpkin...only to have to get through the second pumpkin fast enough while she is happy in her swing. Pictures below...

No matter how you carve 'em, your fingers to your elbows end up getting pumpkin 'goo' all over them. This is when the blog title "Modern Family" truly kicks in high we thoroughly enjoy the benefits of our modern kitchen with the Delta touch faucet. That is right, touch it on...touch it off. You can use your elbow, a finger tip, etc. to turn on the water to wash your dirty, pumpkin fingers.

Although a bit pricier than the standard kitchen faucet, the convenience has paid for itself over and over again! Cleaning your hands after handling raw chicken...piece of cake. Rinsing your hands while holding dear baby...easy! Even Mr. Cole can touch it on/off with his paw (we tried it with him)!!

Pre-backsplash photo of kitchen with new granite and faucet

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