Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Left Behind Grocery Log

After visiting two grocery stores yesterday, I came home, fed the baby and then put away the plethora of bags of groceries. I was slightly confused when I couldn't find the brand new pack of baby wipes I bought at one of the stores. I re-checked my car for a missing bag...nothing!

I then thought that perhaps I forgot to put in the belt to be rung up...afterall Miss L was crying from being overly-ready for a nap. Nope, it's right there on my receipt. Along with 2 bags of snickers and some lunch meat...all items that never initially stepped foot in my kitchen.

I called the store today, sure enough the customer service rep checked the "left grocery log." This made me giggle...they actually have this problem enough to have to keep a log!! Apparently, there are many other moms of screaming children that rush out of the check out lane like the gunshot just began the Indy 500! To my delight, my MIA bag of goodies was logged with items put away (particularly the lunch meat.) It's my lucky day!! Now I just need to find time to stop in and re-claim my items...

So next time you think you've lost your marbles because you can't find your grocery the store...maybe they, too, have a log for MIA groceries.

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