Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Traveling with a Baby

Earlier this month, we took a total of three flights on our "Tour of the Midwest," to introduce our baby girl to dear friends and family in Indy and MI. This flying with a newborn thing can make flying (er...traveling) quite complex. With that said, infants under 2 fly free...just like my bags on Southwest! So...we can plan to fly as often as we can between now and August 2013. Miss L was born to be a jet setter! In fact, we "may" have a trip in the more immediate future to sunny Scottsdale, AZ for a quick weekend getaway, which made me think of posting tips and helpful hints for traveling with baby.

Packing list:
  • 2 blankets (in case one is used during a "blow out moment" - I know from experience)
  • Extra pacifier (in case it drops on the airplane floor) or you can purchase Arm & Hammer pacifier disinfectant wipes...they can be used on anything put in the mouth
  • A ziploc bag (gallon size) and plastic grocery bag to use for dirty clothes, bibs, cloths, etc.
  • First of all, flying with baby should probably take place after the initial vaccinations (typically 8-weeks). Even adult immune systems take a beating during air travel, imagine the wee little ones!
  • Nursing or using a bottle to feed on the take-off and descent is definitely helpful in easing baby's ear adjustments to the cabin pressure
  • A Baby Bjorn or carrier is a great way to walk through the airport and keep lil' one comfortable and perhaps even intrigued by the new sights
  • A breast pump that uses batteries is extremely helpful in car rides - enabling moms to pump, then bottle-feed baby while the car is still moving - no need to stop at a rest stop for 45 minutes to feed
Here is a photo of Miss L's first flight, she slept most of the duration of the flight...
Thank you Southwest for letting us select our seats, we had the row to ourselves!

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