Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fall Festivities

Today was a jam-packed, fun-filled day for the family. We kick-started the day by hosting some friends from our mommy and baby class for a little GTG...Halloween themed. Lots of people brought treats and 7 of us moms and infants sat around playing, talking and digressing over coffee cake and mimosas. Fun was had by all and it was really neat to see how much the babies had grown in the month since class ended.

Following the party, the 3 of us went to the area pumpkin patch to carefully select a few carve-worthy pumpkins. Little Miss L slept through the entire experience, so no real photos were snapped...however, we enjoyed the fall family time together. Below is a photo of Miss L in her candy corn outfit as we were finishing up our trip (she was ready to be home!)

Last activity of the day was the Wings vs. Wild hockey game...her first Wings game! She did awesome...chilling mostly in her Baby Bjorn and absolutely was captivated by the lights and activities on the ice. A friend even got us into the Club level seats, which were really nicely located and a bit separated from teh masses. One thing is for certain - if we got a $1 for everytime someone commented that "she's a doll," we really wouldn't have to worry about funding the college education.

Time for bed as tomorrow = breakfast of pumpkin pancakes and mimosas (leftover champagne), football, carving pumpkins and getting ready for the week to start all over again.

Our lil' Candy Corn
First Wings Game

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