Saturday, August 31, 2013

Moving Tales

Phew! We have been in our new home for just over one week. I would say we are all adjusting well, specifically, Mr. Cole and Miss L. Although we are having fun entertaining friends this holiday weekend, there still are plenty of brown boxes haunting us - like the 1 missing kitchen box with some of our cereal bowls and {fairly} new ramekins in it!

I will not miss the "ole apartment"
Even though a company did 95% of the work, we still had to pack/unload our temporary items from the furnished apartment; as well as, unpack the 435 boxes/items from our Minnesota move. I think the 2 days I spent "relo'ing" our temporary apartment, I must have ran the 2-flights of stairs about 25 times! My thighs still ache!

Difficult to pack when this cutie makes her bed
on the storage "ottoman"
Unfortunately, this was our "worst move to-date," as our items had to go from a truck in MN> moved off the truck into crates into a warehouse in CO > moved crates get lifted into new truck > movers unload crates at our new home. Basically, handling items twice as much, which equals more broken items than ever before. :( To make matters worse, the team that moved us in was our least favorite - they were loud, obnoxious, dropping boxes and basically like bulls in a china shop! J even had to call a huddle with them to tell them to SLOW down.

When you move with corporate, the movers place numbered stickers on every item and box. If you are like us, some boxes have multiple stickers {blue from MN, orange from IN and white from MI}. Miss L LOVES "finding stickers" and playing with them.
Lots of "attractive" stickers for Miss L

Below are some photos from our week of fun:

Post-its are essential to configure the new kitchen

Miss L is happy with her toys + lunch, fireside

Our kitchen at 8:30pm

Our kitchen at 11:30pm
Daddy opened one very important box - delicious!!

Welcome gift placed on our porch by our new neighbors

Another new neighbor welcome - what a "sweet" simple welcome gift!

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