Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cartwheels for Target

Despite my years in dance class, I never really mastered the simple cartwheel. Fast forward to adult Lorryn and now I am actively attempting to master the Target Cartwheel....THAT is a different type of cartwheel that puts a smile on my face and makes me jump for joy {sometimes literally}.

Earlier this year, I noticed Target had this "cartwheel" thing that saves you EXTRA money on top of the fabulously low prices. So...I attempt to be an early adopter and google it to find the website:

I log-in via my existing Facebook account and then, I suddenly get distracted and too busy to actually figure it out!

Fast forward to 2 weeks ago, I am a Work&Stay-at-home-mom that is always looking to cut household expenditures with a little more time on my I log-in again and this time, it clicked!

Here's the Scoop:

  • Using the Target Cartwheel allows you to hand-select specific offers/coupons that appeal to you {note: you cannot select 100, more on the side of 15-25}.

    Keep in mind - this is a savings on top of the 5% savings you can enjoy with your Target RED card {either Debit or Credit - your choice!} AND on top of mobile coupons via text messages from Target.

    If you aren't already getting text message mobile coupons from Target, I would suggest texting OFFERS to 827438 to sign-up for a weekly text message.
  • Once you have selected the handful of offers {relevant to your next shopping trip}, you can click on "my Cartwheel" to display one single UPC code that the cashier will scan to take advantage of all of the offers you are "cashing in!"
  • To get started, it might be easiest to download the application on your favorite mobile device {mine is installed on my android and ipad}....Download the Cartwheel application from whatever "market" you download apps.
  • Once logged-in {conveniently with your Facebook account} you will want to start with "browse" offers  - the search allows you to select "grocery," AND then it will let you select specific areas such as produce, meat, beverages, etc. It also enables you to search by newest offers, highest discounts, those expiring soon, etc. etc.
  • When you see an item/offer of interest - tap the item once, then tap "add" and it is now added to your Cartwheel. Keep adding offers until you max out your Cartwheel.
  • Have your mobile device ready at check-out, tap "my Cartwheel" and then show the cashier the UPC code for your Cartwheel deals and as Miss L says "Ta Da!" You just saved $$.  
Real World Example: Planned Target Purchase
On a recent trip to Target, I purchased our new comforter and pillows - they were Threshold brand and I had a 20% off Cartwheel for Threshold brand bedding + I had a $10 off Target mobile coupon + I saved 5% by using my RED Debit Card...thus, I saved a TON of money!

Real World Example: Impromptu Target Visit
The family was at Target picking up just a few grocery items. I had already selected the Cartwheel 5% off berries, which I picked up a package of raspberries {aka "Finger Berries" to Miss L}...but we also needed flank steak for our fajitas...and I browsed the Cartwheel via my ipad {thanks to Target's free Wi-Fi} and found 10% off a particular brand of steaks at Target which I added to "my Cartwheel" and showed the UPC code to the cashier to save $1.40 on something we were already purchasing, plus the additional 5% {using the RED card}.

I hope this encourages you to move from "downloaded the app" to "using the app." Before your next "Target Run," ensure you have signed-up for their text offers, visited for printable coupons and designated 5 minutes to browse Cartwheel offers and compare with your shopping list. In my opinion, all of these sales offers are only worthy if you NEED to purchase the item in the first place.

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  1. Also, If it is a name brand you can stack coupons. Say it is Pampers. You can use your Target coupon and a manufacture coupon to save money.

    Example: Stacking Target Coupon w/ Manu Coupon and using my Red Card, I received a dollar back for each box of Playtex Tampons I purchased. Limit 3 for each trip through the register.

    Yes. You can print them and copy them at home.