Thursday, August 15, 2013

Girls Will Play While Daddys Away

I'm not going to lie - the last couple of days have been a bit painful. J departed to Phoenix on Tuesday morning for a short work trip and I am holding down the fort solo.

The days become really long as a single parent, but to make matters worse the only other mom-tot friend we have is out of town for a few solo is an understatement.

We started off the week with Miss L spiking a slight 101.1 temp on Monday afternoon and we enjoyed lots of cuddle time together. Our Tivo just so happened to have a recording of Despicable Me and I thought I would press play for the lil' sick baby. She cuddled on my lap for 2 hours straight!

It was soo cute and very fun! This movie-watching thing was a first for us. We've definitely logged our hours of Sprout {which I have managed to wean her off of the whiny Calliou character while in MI}, Sponge Bob and countless Baby Einstein videos...but to have the attention span for a "movie" and watch it together - 1st and 1st!

Since Monday afternoon, I can count at least 4 repeats of Despicable Me. I guess this is what happens when Daddy is away.

We have managed to get out daily for walks and park time. Tuesday, we strolled our local mall and shared a double berry smoothie together.

Yesterday, we strolled the outlets {note: amazing outlets just 10 minutes from our new house!} and shared a single ice cream scoop. I cannot wait to go back {with money in my pocket} to hit up the Crew Cuts section of J.Crew. the Olive Oil store and the H&M under construction.

I must admit I love Banana Republic Factory Stores...but walking through the store yesterday made me a little sad, as I miss the business world. I miss getting dressed up daily, doing something with myself {hair/make-up}, running {some days, literally} around the Club all day and feeling uber productive, excited and successful.

I know my days will be wildly busy unpacking hundreds of brown boxes, soon enough.

We have managed to have some fun while J is away, but we cannot wait to see him this evening.

Miss L at the Park yesterday morning...sooo tired.
I thought she was going to fall asleep on the swing in front of me!

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  1. Awww, hang in there mama! Brian leaves for MI tomorrow for a week, so I feel your pain. And Brennan has a fever too :( Being pseudo single parents sucks worse when the kiddos are sick! Let's catch up soon. Miss you.